To Seem is to Dream a Dream

A few nights ago, in a tent, I experienced a dream. I say experienced, because there was a tangible effectual relationship with the nature of the dream, and it went further than the archetypal, narrative, or sexual pattern of most of my dreams. In the state of sleep, I ‘dreamt’ that I was smoking a red mushroom, quite possibly that of the muscaria fungus, but the redness of the mushroom was particularly fervent. I remember smoking the mushroom yet not through a pipe or any traditional method, in fact the mushroom was smoking me. Then I waited for a short time in the dream, and patiently welcomed the psychotropic effects of this beautiful mushroom, of which I have partaken before in England. I recognized the effects of a low dose, as I went into a trip, WITHIN the dream itself. The setting of the dream then moved from the isolated space where I was taken by the mushroom, and moved into the colorful, tranquility of a psychedelic experience. I seemed to be moving in a haze of red, or it was that everything adopted it’s hue. the smoke had a sweet taste, and was also sensually erotic to be surrounded by on all sides. The more that effervesced from the mushroom, the redder the dream got.

I woke up to the sound of some hummingbirds outside my tent, and sat with this for awhile. It made me think of a film called Inception where people are led deeper into their dreams, so that they can dream within dream, within dreams. I didn’t come to any conclusions but it just confirmed to me the receptivity of the mind to experience physical and psychological sensation even while sleeping. The dream was pretty groovy, even for me.

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