Today is a Blue Day

Today is a blue day, thoughts ending up moving nowhere, traveling the same tracks and reversing their course,

Yesterday was a green day, mind altercations of social formlessness transcending the duality of reality,

Tomorrow will be a new day, a new hori-son of the being hu-man, a brand new experience of living,

And all of yesterdays tomorrows, are all we can really know, just as we see it now as our heart beats in power

I’ll comb my hair back and start out with a clean mind, and see where I end up, when the sun goes down.

I may just be out of my mode, a slow moving outlaw, stuck in the dog days of summer,

Tomorrow will be a new day, one more dance of the sun and the moon, a new person to talk to, another person to hear my story

But for now, its a blue day, for when I think of her, I miss a part of myself.

dedicated to Trudell… a grandfather poet of this time that I look to for truth


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