á ári í rúnir: a year in runes


third year tradition for writing one of these. how it goes is that you write out each rune and list the aspects of the rune’s influence on your year in as many angled ways as possible. this year I am using the icelandic/norse runes of the younger futhark.

  • fé: traveled for 5 months without any money, the other 7 months with saved finances from treeplanting, used 9 different world currencies
  • úr: had to face many adversaries like banks, foresty industries, laymen, hostel owners, family members and learn how to deal with them
  • Thurs: tattoo alteration of thurs rune, compensated and healed from harsh elemental conditions, and dominating male energy
  • As/Oss: given work from the aesiric deities to practice on earth, storytelling to earn my way into peoples hearts
  • reið: scotland, england, wales, morocco, spain, iceland, denmark, norway, mexico, canada, altered states of consciousness
  • kaun: injuries, kindled romantic new relationships
  • hagall: suffered the verbal abuse of many men and women, tried to see the matrix of real violence in society
  • nauðr: at times needed hospitality and female understanding, as well as funds or shamanic healing
  • ísa/íss: stagnation while traveling through mexico, relationships also seemingly frozen in time
  • ár: abundance of friends and personal time in balance, new prospects of work and future travel possibilities, plant and animal allies; honey, salvia, cannabis, mushrooms, lsd, cactus hummingbirds, coyote, wolf, white hart, stag, cattle, owl, cat,
  • sól: extended summer, planted fruit trees and vegetables and watched them grow, long hours spent in the sun and finding my inner light, temazcal sweat lodge
  • Týr: karma cleaning
  • björk/bjarkan/bjarken: seeing the goddess in the female, many new woman allies, medicine
  • maðr: brother companions and male support, new perceptions of my own manlihood
  • lögr: crossed the Gibraltar sea and Tangier waters, ferry ride from iceland to faroe islands to denmark to norway, became a stronger swimmer, lived on the pacific coast of mexico, lived on the Copenhagen canal, paddled down a Norwegian fjord to the sea, and a ferry ride in a northern fjord, true flow with synchronic life, lived on the shores of a loch in Scotland, and beside the Irish sea in Wales.
  • ᛦ yr: immense individual maturity, quenching of vice, movement into personal power, growing new branches into new areas of life and my paththere you have it, one more lap around the sun.


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