Cultivating a Personal Mythology, the Road Ahead

The ideas I espoused in my other diary entry for the Plan, Plant, Planet serves as a primer for this one, as will to implore further of what I see to be the road ahead, and the anchors I will choose to drop as I navigate these seas of existence as I seek those islands of the world where the radical traditionalist, a black wolf amongst bleary eyed sheep can thrive.

Wedded to the RUNA, the mysterious and obfuscated, the very unknowable transcendent paradigm that compels every good heathen to leave his comfort zones, to attain new knowledge. Deeply inspired by the journeyman tradition of Germany (auf der Walz sein), wherein a man would leave his home and his master, and often his native country, offering his time skill and labor to his host in exchange for his lodgings, usually in

Europe. This (die Walz) was traditionally done for three years and 1 day, as it soon dusks for me of this exact timing. I see the imperatives of my next leg, and continue to continue to honor these outlets and watchwords as driving forces behind the person I have become today. I seek to capatalize on 200,000 kilometers of wanderlust, and continually associate with those who have more prowess, skill, or better technique than me, because this is truly the only way we grow. My aims now divert from the strict admonition of world service, to inter-dependent tribalism, tradeskill building, self-reliance without hosting, and cultivating a prosperous lifelong relationship.

As a projection of years, I ponder of the places in the world I still may travel to seek fellowship, but they are now refined to suit the game I sit down to. The Scandinavian nation began as a fetish in my early teenager years and has grown to be a magnetic homecalling as I draw closer to closer to the ways of my ancestors. I aspire in some half a decade or so to acquire land here, and be exponentially further ahead in my acoutrements, and well being, and organic wealth by this time. To have settlement in these old stomping grounds of our folk. I want to establish some form of trading system, build off the grid cabins and outbuildings and raise many heritage breeds of livestock, and animals. I want to learn how to mush dogs and how to ride horse. I see myself continuing to travel in the next 5 years to lands familiar and far from my own; Australia, India, Ireland, Tibet, Greenland, Sweden, Finland, Alaska, France, Germany, New Zealand, and Amsterdam. None of these are final destinations, only dreams not yet manifested. I see myself in a more ancestral home, surrounded by people I love, and co-dependent only on a small few I now overwinter in a province of Kanada that has over 100 trade skills that are not offered anywhere else in the country, and I am allowing for those seeds to be blown my way, to be bissected at any step. To meet with failure and paramount challenge as gifts, and spend increased spans of time in association of those other individuals who are like mentors to me. I want to gather those out there who feel a similar calling, man and woman, to not act out of fear but courage, so that we may speak on equal terms, and may be tread the same track together, either from afar, or in real life.

Every day is a lesson in un-learning the domestications of a corrupt civilization, and re:wilding the genetic codes I have stored deep inside my nerves, bone, blood, and sinew since the pre-Christian/proto-European/pre-industrialized pages in HIS story. The dominate masculine, ego-driven governmental (fr. ment = mind), as we are yanked into this factory farm or assembly line of surreality. To burn away the further dross of mechanization, cultural loss, and apathy, and barter them for the ubermensch, ritual, consciousness, and mythology.

‘Resacralization of the world versus materialism, folk/traditional culture versus mass programming, natural social order versus an artificial hierarchy based on wealth, the tribal community versus the nation state, stewardship of the earth versus, the maximization of resources, a harmonious relationship between men and women versus the war of the sexes, handcrafts and artisannsip versus, industrial mass production’ ~TYR

The fermentation of long invested relationships will start to take form. Tribe/family, skill, and self-reliance, from the grassroots up will be the knotwork of the wyrd’s weave that becomes my tapestry. The taboos of living will be transcended further and rent from their shells so even within the stagnating pools of modern heathenism, I can not experience, or stifled thought patterns. I see myself having a more intact presence in the world, and continue with outreach in some forms whether it be through speech, teaching, training, or leading by local demonstration. I see love interests become more intimately involved in my identification with whatever ‘I’ am, to truly abolish this sense of self-centeredness, what is mine is shared, but only with those who deserve it. I want to fall in love again, for I have fell out many a time, and fell hard. I feel new branches grow from stunted limbs, and roots going further towards the core. The nine worlds living within and without, and the names of the Gods and Goddesses on my rune branded tongue as I work, learn, love, fight, protect, travel, trade, forge, and far on this path less taken. I feel the heroic tasks that I have been given to be honors, and my connection with the landwights, spirits, and divine archetypes grow. Ragnarok happens inside of us, we do not need to destroy the planet to start over, we only have to denounce that we are limited beings, unable to change and grow into completely mythological deities and intoxicate ourselves on the mead of living through our words, and actions.

Godspeed, and Hail!


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