The Heathen Eclectic Library

I have amassed a collection of rare books, discontinued works, transcripts from scholarly summits, symposiums and conferences, eddas, the icelandic and norwegian sagas in 6 different languages, indo-european studies, germanic heathen journalism, rune poems and rune tomes, ‘magic’ books, and language sources for icelandic, anglo-saxon, gothic, and old norse with translations to english. These also include a few of my published works, Runaz Sterno Skiwo (a book on a Nordic cosmology and runic star system), and Pillars of Ygg (a health and fitness regime). I have been collecting these works, books, and texts for near a decade with several works penned from involvement in different gild curriculums. I want to provide these to the heathen community, not charging for any authorized works but a reasonable to compensate for my own works, and the collection of several years of organizing this library. There are literally hundreds of .pdfs here which I will make into a disc for anyone interested. $30 is the asking price.

3 thoughts on “The Heathen Eclectic Library

  1. You just tell me where to send the disc, and I shall have it out in the mail next week for you, jlorik. Thankyou humbly for your support and interest in the tradition!

    Wax well,

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