The Valhalla Project

Sooner than later, a man needs to think about his family. The Valhalla project is about building something much larger than your own ego. So this is also something dominating my mind lately which I have been keep quiet for awhile, save for between myself and my closest allies. Now there is need for me to share this dream with others, so I may be able to rouse momentum and movement to the project, which has been a closely tended seed in the ground for over a decade.

Over the summer I will be returning to some of the Scandinavian countries, namely Iceland, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden, and I will be actively seeking others tribal minded ilk to ally with, for future collaboration on a land taking in the lower Hordaland valleys of Norway. By the European winter next year after my work in Australia I yearn to have some direct roots in these Norselands, and a small collective of people to start work on farming and building on a piece of communally owned property. Taking a pre-Christian, Viking era approach to agricultural life With a 5 year aim of raising several different native livestock, maintaining a perennial permaculture garden, and growing a wide range of food in Norway’s ‘fruit basket’ near the Hardangerfjord. I want to establish local trade with the Bergen businesses, and organizing local farmers markets. The farm will be directly rooted in traditional European practices, and incorporate a Northern Germanic spiritual aspect into everyday routine.

  Hardangerfjorden in Norway – Lofthus,  Hordaland,  Norway

I envision a small hamlet of families in the growing tribe. While first starting humble, solo, with a wife or a few allies and hangers-on to test the dynamics of group sustainability. It will grow and ferment into something much more socially and bio-dynamic. Norways fjord climate creates their own weather system, and Hordaland is known as one of the most fertile places in the world for it’s sun balmed summer mixed with the monsoon season. I’m thinking in the line of a fusion of integrative modern perma-culture systems like rain catchment, work animals, solar/wind/wave energy, biofuel, and earthship principles with a traditionalist guise.  Scandinavia style architecture, Germanic language dialect, heritage reconstruction, and ancestral spiritual practices. Each member of the community would hold their place in the tribe, and in addition to a Longhall, the Farm, and a workshop, there would be several outbuildings for animal accommodation, blacksmithing, several outdoor Ve, and old style houses modeled after Icelandic/Faroese/Norwegian homes from the Viking-Medieval age. In time there could be larger community involvement from volunteers, courses in building, and a teaching center, but the focus will always remain for a self-reliant traditional community, paying homage to an older way of life, living more in contact with the earth. This is something I want to get the word out to those who are truly and deeply moved to also live a life in the country, and provide a useful place in a society that preserves honor and integrity and spirit into the daily routine of life. If we are thinking big, it takes more than one body and mind to kickstart the regeneration after the Ragnarok the rest of the world is going through.


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