Viking Route

Alas, soon these Canadian lands will evade me again, and I till take my third trip into the world, if this were the Rune row, it would be the third aett. Getting what you deserve after hard fair work, meeting the heroine, mutual travel on land and sea, making new allies, coastal/fjord/lake experiences, recognizing ancestry, reflection on the miles and wyrd, landfinding.

I no longer feel the need to work my salt in this country, after coming off 6 hard months in Nova Scotia and British Columbia, I have put aside enough to go A’Viking once more. I will not reveal too intimately the heart of my travels, but I can speak of a certain pilgrimage through Scandinavia, while visiting and experiencing more deeply the Nordic Culture.

From Iceland I will sail to Faroe Islands, and stay for 5 days, then fly to Copenhagen. In Roskilde, I am taking a Viking ship out into the fjord for a sunset sailing, then traveling by land to Sweden, trelleborg, Gotland, Uppsala, and the Runestone region on the outskirts of Stockholm, then continuing to sail to Aland, and Finland, and whether by air or ground, make it to Norway and come back down to Germany, via Denmark. I have 3 months in Europe, so I may finish off my tour with the Sami, and their annual winter pasture migration, this is not yet carved in Runes, but something is in the works.

I feel more at home in the Scandinavian countries, where the culture speaks my language, and the humor raises a laugh from deep within, I can hardly wait the 7 days until I once again touch down on black volcanic soil of the land of Fire and Ice!


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