Bonavista to Tofino, and The Canada in Between

If I told myself 3 years ago that I would travel end to end of Canada, I wouldn’t believe myself, but now I can say I have stood, and swam on both coasts, from Bonavista and Wolf Cove in the East of Newfoundland, to Tofino and Meares Island in the west coast. This was not one single journey but different legs of a Canadian experience taken in time throughout my travels over my nomadic existence. While goat farming, and gardening in Newfie, and living in a small Irish cottage next the waves, and touring the Western archipelago beyond Vancouver island with the Native Ahousaht band, and staying in a small rustic hostel.

The country in between has been many days on the road, both on my leather soles, and stuck in a greyhound with 80 other people. I feel that traveling end to end in Canada is something all people from this country should do, for the mere sake of exploring their habitat. These trips and excursions have taken me into the South Shores of Nova Scotia, the Northern Wilderness of Ontario, the trending city of Montreal, the flatlands of Manitoba, the Rockies of British Columbia, and the forests of Cape Breton. Every places carries its own memories, over 7000km of land. I’ve yet to be in the Yukon, Northwest Territories or Nunavut, but these will have their time after some years away from Canada, while I now travel in Scandinavia, my second home.

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