RUNA ov the year 2016

Each revolution around the sun marks another passage in time when the wyrd-weaving of man and his orlog is spun on the great loom, and soaked in the well. We live on the same earth as did our Teutonic forebears, and experience life through the vicarious balances of the phenomena of nature. How we interpret them is one of a different matter altogether, but one worth reflecting on. Since finding the old Gods laying deep in my soul four years ago, I have made a point to mark the calendric with the Runic wheel so to speak, and to guard each passing of time with the influence of their energies, which affect me directly. This one comes slightly late as I find myself in more remote areas of habitation in the jungles of Guatemala, the prospect of Runes, and European culture are alien here, yet still remain as ever present in the two ravens of my mind and memory.

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:F: Volunteered much of my time in a work exchange to earn my keep in board and lodging, made reliable and accountable allies through travel and trade, earned enough money through a harvest season to afford a trip through Scandinavia, and Ireland, new perspectives on personal power and the dynamics of wealth, learned about crypto-currencies and the changing of money
:U: Learned how to de-flesh, cure, and tan a bull, understanding the deeper importance of violence in man’s history, first time procuring meat by the knife for my own hunger, worked hard building stages for a festival in Norway
:TH: Exile while traveling, lost trust in friends, found confusion and chaos in the heart of a women, overbearing forces of my personal spirit forcing me to cut through illusions of self-knowing
:A: Psychedelic experience with various chemicals and plant medicines, Theobroma food of the Gods, poetry and journalism, started writing for a travel website, learned more Spanish, Swedish, Faroese, Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish, and Newfoundland language and dialect, visited the pyramid temples of Tonina
:R: Traveled extensively within Canada, Iceland, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Gotland, Ireland, and Mexico, and adapted to traveling lighter, spent my first winter away from the snows, took time off to explore domestic lifestyle
:K: Cooking extensively with fire in primitive camps, using wood fire to heat cabin home,
:X: Volunteer exchange with German family, Co-living with friends, traveling for the first time with another person, balancing borrowed time and money, traded or gifted several possessions, communal economy and mutual living in rainbow and ting gatherings, gifted my fishing knife at the grave mounds of the Viking Kings
:W: Found love, sought happiness in new places and questioned what it means to be truly fulfilled, finding different paths to having a life that enjoys me,
:H: Regenerating personal luck, dealing with illness without conventional help
:N: The struggle for survival with lack of funds, attempts to move to Australia
:I: Solitary life in off grid cabin, came to new terms of what it means to be alone, traveled on my own through Europe, lost relationships, refining intentions and focuses in life,
:J: Harvesting perennial fruits, foraging fruit in southern Mexico, experiencing summer season twice in one year, re-cycled natural and inorganic materials for sustainable housing
:P: The dark game of risk and rewards
:EI: Made personal strides in maturity, fitness, and skillset
:ALG: Equinox blot of the straw man, Cacao ceremony on winter solstice, Utiseta at the Uppsala barrows, ritual banishing and re-birth during mushroom ceremony, first LSD experience, meditations at the Borre mounds in Norway,
:S: midnight sun, extended summer, wise interaction with sun, learned more in depth about solar power, solar coffins and sun-cycles in permaculture
:T: problems with authorities in Ireland, new passport,
:B: met several beautiful women while traveling, sexual prowess, re-forged relationships with past lovers, mutual bonding with sisters,
:E: Spent time understanding the symbiotic relationships between man and animals in a primal way, co-farming with domestic livestock to achieve work,
:M: claiming masculinity and brotherhood, quality time with male friends, tribalism
:L: hot springs and lagoons in Iceland, canoeing in small remote lakes of Canada, traveled by ferry from Iceland to Faroe Islands and by boat in Vancouver island and Sweden, lived on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of North America, and experienced several European bodies of water
:ING: farming in grasslands, picking fruit in the border valley of Canada, expanded knowledge of permaculture and perennial fruits
:D: worked on making my days more efficient, living through paradoxical schemes and energies, probed deeply into the shadows and opposites of familiar concepts and ordinary life
:O: Found a new home in Newfoundland, visited old dwellings in Canada and stayed with family, built earthships in the Rocky mountains, stayed in a Viking village

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