Love is a Trip

We take a toke, and let love in, long and deep.

Inhale. Exhale.

Pheromones fill the ether of our abandon, while dopamine streams and Anadamides mix in clandestine chemical alchemies within our own heart cave and we are propelled again into the One.

We lose ourselves and become the other me, in Lak’ech Ala K’in, here without reserve or boundary, lost on a trip not unlike the memory.

Of this, and all of you.

They say we’ll all come down, from our altered state. Back into ordinary consciousness and survival games. It’s only the drugs maybe, the love sheds away in time, an incompatible experiment of mine.

But the answer is not tomorrow or yesterday, it’s being here now, and loving you today. There’s a new sun in the sky, and i’m revolving around it. The craving abides for awhile and we float in our each others orbits.

In perfect nature and organization

The wilderness of my soul starts to fuse back to its primal origins, when we sat and talked, liberated by the fire of our contents.

I know you know, where this way of being goes, and we’ve been here before in younger minds. Our bodies changed by time and space, we offer up our fates in exchange, and form anew.

I’m high on you and that’s how I want it to stay.

2 thoughts on “Love is a Trip

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