:RUNALJOD: Rune Cycle of the Year

Before our modern time keeping of the Gregorian calendar, our ancestors marked the Yule time as the birth of the new year. The period when Ýlir ended, (The Yule month), and Mörsugur began, (fat-sucking month), probably noteworthy for the end of the hunt, and the animal fats eaten during winter to keep the body healthy. This was the time when the Sun ‘died’, Baldr’s funeral, which in the Arctic of Iceland never come fully above the horizon for three days, until at last, the sun (baldr’s rebirth) hearkened the new year, and the light began to return to the polar skies.

Dauði Baldrs // The Death of Baldr // Śmierć Baldra

New years is a time in contemporary ages when people make resolutions that they usually end up breaking, or impossible goals with no grounding in reality or the capability of their own powers. Once these goals are broken, they tend to get lax for the rest of the year, a kind of profound apathy takes over, there is no true inner work being done, or self-reflection of one’s accomplishments after the year has turned and the reapings collected. In the Viking age, boasts were made by the men and women of what one has become in the short time of a year, of the 13 full moons of the cycle, toasts were made to the Gods, the ancestors, and the folk. Oaths were sworn, spoken over expensive gold arm rings, and these words were representative of a man’s worth and wyrd. I personally do not create new years resolutions in the modern way, though I do make them silently, and keep my goals mostly to myself. But for the past four years I’ve established a kind of rune wheel of the year in a view. All the notable events, experiences, lessons, ideas, relationships, novelty, the highlights and the murkiness, from a runic perspective. Now that we are well clear of the Yule month and the turning of the contemporary year 2018, I’ve made one for the year that is now sunken into urds well. The idea for this is originally from the Galdragildi, and I have made new modifications on it over the years, reflecting a kind of mytho-poetical world-view, as seeing and experiencing life as a story and personal mythology, it ismore than it appears to be. The runes are tools that I have enabled me to do that.


:fehu: found myself broke, very broke, and learned the hard way how to save it back up, deeper understanding of mobile wealth and economy, made first steps to acquiring bitcoin, sold some of my own books, photos and handmade products at events, found myself rich in life and the things that mattered beyond money

:ūruz: the power of hard work, starting over, the beginning of a new life, the domestication of consequence always has a wild and untamed ancestral spirit

:þurisaz: fought against giants and severe health problems, uncontrollable forces of wyrd, relationships turned as bitter seeds with dying fruit, the collective adversary of being one man estranged from the modern people,

:ansuz: met the Gods on my own terms, drank the mead of inspiration, and ingested of the agaric mushroom ally, kratom medicine, beekeeping, opened pathways of communication with new kin, journaling as a means of self-growth, deep meditation, conversed with those of high mind and nourished my own with literature and music, stadhagaldr and yoga/yoking practice, words have exact meaning and power

:raidō: traveled to Guatemala, Mexico, eastern and western Canada, the one who knows how to navigate the nine worlds carries a Vegvisir stave on his person

:kaunan: cut four cords of winter wood, sacrificed what I thought I knew to make room for novel ideas and information, put my body on the line for a higher purpose, as the broken sword is re-forged in the flames for Sigurd’s heroic undertaking

:gebō: gift economy and trade in central America, yule giving, the delicate balance of having just enough, and giving only what I can

:wunjō: the frith of time well spent with brother and sister, community lifestyle while living with a yoga school, entered a short lived but deeply spiritual and loving partnership, new connections with brotherhood/mannerbunde of my own neo-tribe

:hagalaz: faced death and ruin with humility and surrender, came back from the matrix of hail to  re-shape and reform myself along the branches of the yew

:naudiz: when need presented itself I was there to see it and meet its demands, the friction of facing reality while manifesting my own mythology,

:īsaz: essential solitude, and the consolidation of spent energy into rest and healing, sedentary living during a four month time span, the risk of being alone to truly understand what it means to be with the other

:jēra: gathered, foraged and farmed as much food as possible from the land being nearly 50% of my food, harvested sunflowers, vegetables, berries, roots, leaves, and mushrooms through the year, planted over 180,000 trees, and tended the soil of my southern Ontario lands, a seed sown sends a deep taproot and sends our foliage streaming sunwards

:eihwaz: the yew holds all my vices and virtues, it drips down like sweat, tears, and blood, back into the well, as one deed leads to another

:perþ: sometimes life writes it own rules and we are simply game pieces that play by them until we realize the control we actually have

:algiz: held personal boundaries, created new ones and transcended others, stood in reverence of the One, :EIK EINHAMR: being not of one skin

:sōwilō: a sun rune branded on skin, summer solstice spent in the forest garden, found success in new endeavors, became really good at being good at many things,

:tīwaz: maintain a thriving life in the inangard of my kin, while at times venturing out to the utangard to gain new perspectives of what was truly right, understanding the order and patterning of my own being and how to alter my fate in more efficient ways, shared honor in those who have bestowed me with respect, and sometimes harsh justice for those who went the other way

:berkanan: deep loving relationship with the divine feminine and the women who embody her, a more thorough understanding of the Baldr myth, chaga harvesting from Birch trees, explored the ancient and modern female archetypes, decided I want to have a wife

:ehwaz: as a passenger by life’s fetch I had time to view the scenery, and travel far to meet those who expected me

:mannaz: rites of passage, blot, brotherhood, explored the rabbit hole of primal masculinity and the male archetype in society and tribe, being a good man and being good at being a man

:laguz: life beside the sea, ritual taking at the oceanside, canoed in a southern mangrove with crocodiles, a trip to the high tides at the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, like flowing water nothing lasts or stays in one place

:ingwaz: sowed potent seeds to enact future dreams,

:ōþala: renovated guest houses in central america for travelers, found home in the escarpment area of Niagara, and stayed with others while out traveling the world,

:dagaz: at the end of the day, I regret nothing

Heathenry, The Old Northern European Ways | Heathenry, A ...


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