Lunisolar Reckoning

Heill öll,
This full moon: Tiusto’s day; Black Frost moon or the moon of Þorri, was simply amazing. The shadowy woods, the bright, milk-silvery Máni shield, and the smear of gossamer clouds across the sky. It was an evening of shadow, halo, and flame, where arthritic trees danced in an entropic frenzy whilst the crisp air and misty-mouthed galdr of night animals rang and sang throughout the hills. The Old Man stirred within the stone of my heart, and an emanating ripple of the ride opened the horse-doors within the sky. A halo of the shadowed rainbow glowed ’round the bright eye of the moon.

Something I have never seen before in my 27 years in Midgard. Unfortunately my camera is not equipped to take adequate night photography, but this image is as close to what was observed above the land of these Northern Ontario forests. It is known as a ‘glory’ and surely the Gods were a bit closer to us this night.

A Rainbow Moon Over San Francisco - Far Out City

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