This upcoming spring I will start work on a Biodynamic Steiner farm in Tweed. The principles of the farm obviously espoused from the late and great Rudolf Steiner, who also invented the Waldorf schools, Eurythmy movement therapy, Naturopathic medicine company Weleda, a branch of philosophy called Anthroposophy, and designed several architecturally beautiful buildings throughout Europe. His lecture and subsequent book Agriculture held in Berkowitz has come to be a seminal sourcework for those integrating a biodynamic farm. It is a blend of permaculture, organic farming and astrological/astronomical cycles to build a holistic healthy farm. I decided to build up a permaculture cv of the last five years of my experience in the world, from my work varying from small scale homesteads, embassies, eco-communities, guilds, and permaculture farms. This does not stand alone as a summation of my experience but is a representation of what can be done with a lot of hustle and some creativity in the world of permaculture. I intend to use this to further my involvement in the organic agricultural circles, and add to it over the years for a future business. Click through the picture to view.


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