Savage Herbals for Men

Since as far back as Otzi the Ice Man, and even into our proto-hominid lineage before him, man has been walking upright on the earth, foraging plants, and ingesting them to enact positive changes in his own health. When man chose to selectively eat from the grasses certain plants that made him stronger, helped him to survive in dark caves through the winter, gave him protein and adrenaline for long hunts, and helped his body to quicker heal from injury, he learned the codes of the plants and how to not only survive but truly thrive.i It is these codes that have also sculpted us into our current form, so brilliant in his potential, strong, fierce and feral. To be in tune with your manhood, also prepares you for being ready for embracing the woman. Every man wants to have vigor, and vitality in the wilds, endurance, stamina in the bedroom, or to inspire awe and intelligence in his public domain. A true man is a force to be reckoned with, or to be allied with, it depends how you see it. How do we do this? The quick answers may be to head to the gym, but this is a mediocre solution at best, what about being a badass, and making people look up to you as a hero? This may be an ingredient, but there is a deeper spiritual vein I am talking about. How we always aligned ourselves with nature, and in particular with the wild plant, lichen and fungal species that lived there to boost our health, promote superior well being, and support a thriving savage existence. If you are a man seeking the feral concoctions to kinder for your own primal activation, I am going to share with you some plants, fungal agents, wild allies and live cultures, I use on a daily and weekly basis for my own nurturing. So you can stop relying on synthetics, drugs, and processed substances, and you yourself become the new barbarian.

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The first important essence I use daily is pine pollen, ethically harvested in the Vinlandic boreal forest, and spagyrically processed using non gmo spirits. Pine is one of the fastest growing and toughest of all trees in the woods, and it makes sense that it contains high level of human identical testosterone, which men can convert into freebase testosterone, and high intensity energy. When the pines are shedding their pollen grains in the air, is early spring, when we return the the land, and step back into the wildlands after the thaw of winter. This is when we are waking from our restive winter, and need to kickstart our energy stores, as the sunlight keeps us out of doors for longer in the day, and we expel more energy in our work. Pine pollen is pure solar power, as some of the first gifts from nature, before fruit, flower or even images.duckduckgo.comleaf, we have pollens in the air, and just simply walking in a mature evergreen forest on a windy day is beneficial for intaking these pollens into our bodies. The swiftest and most hardy deer eat pollen buds when ready and incorporate the wild coniferous medicines into their diet, to thrive in the harsh conditions, to ward off infections and build firm muscle, the same effects can be observed in men who use this tree. The pollen also contains many compounds that impact health, and phytosterols that are like natural plant steroids, that can be metabolized sustainably by man. Take for increased adrenaline and viril performance. I use this in tincture form from preserved pollen, kept in russian 99 proof alcohol.

Also in my tincture blend is the sub-Arctic Maral Root (Rhaponticum Carthamoides), named after the deer that eats the roots. It is a potent energy condensed medicine with a number of antioxidants and ecdysteroids, that increase muscle mass with training, while also helping with weight loss of non healthy body masses. It is good for recovery after injuring or simply for after a good hard days work. The Russian Scythians, Vikngs, Picts and Celts would have probably encountered this wild plant and used it after battles and fights. It is well known in Russia as a cardiac tonic and nervine with properties for liver protection. And if to simply put the icing on the cake, it is a libido booster and aphrodisiac that is working really well with another herb I have come across called Horny Goat. I believe this is considered a weed, and though it is a herb, is used enough in natural male sex drive enhancement, for those who want to get their kicks from the plant world, rather than the pharmacy. This one I actually learned of from a female friend, ironically enough, who is a master herbalist, and knows a lot of the ancient and secret potencies of these northern superplants. This really adds some power to your arsenal, literally and figuratively, whether it is to help you live more riskfully, productively, and proactively, or imbibed in a ritualized manner for erotic enhancement with your woman, facilitating a longer lasting and more vigorous experience of lust and lovemaking. They are warming, blood cleansing, and saturate the body with surging power, plants that are enriched from the deep black soils of our forest, rich in the atomic elements and mycelial energy transfer systems. Take these and engage in beast mode and increase sexual power in its full example!

Beyond this I have been experimenting with Canadian ginseng, ethically collected and processed straight from the French territory of Quebec where many other tumblr_p1zqnp7J891romrx1o1_1280medicinal herbs grow abundant in the cold climates and shorter winters. This is another forest herb, and rarely cultivated in North America due to its intensive agricultural detriment and slow return. Our nomadic ancestors would have observed the most fit animals in the forest to ingest certain herbal supplements in their foraging practice side by side with these beasts, and notice which ones were the strongest, fastest, most adaptable to weather, most sexually driven in the rut, and they were naturally inclined to collect these same plants almost literally from the jaws of other wild creatures in effort to use them on themselves. We know this from the rich folklore of mythological and oral traditional tales past down to us. These myths serve as the soul and spirits hyper-topographical map, and cosmological structure for our current existence. Even though we are not as connected to the stories anywhere, one elements of these past lives that remained with us are the plant lores. The edibles that never really got interfered with on a mass domestic level and still remain relatively secret to those who use them. These wild species like the Canadian ginseng was has naturalized in the sub-arctic climates very well have preserved their ancient genetics and given us such a rich store of micro nutrients, chemicals, and compounds that we have learned to evolve with tangentially.

These are four plant extracts; coaxed from the pollen, root powder, and leaves, respectively, that I have started to use on a daily basic in tincture form in russian spirits. In my reserves I have remaining roughly a pound of chaga, harvested by axe in the cold -30 winter of northern Canada from the Golden Birch. Along with coffee infused with spores of the Ganoderma Lucida, a Reishi species, these have served as bulletproof coffee supplements when I prefer to have less butter and caffeine intake. As a decoction, I will take this 1-2 times a week as it is not as important now in the warmer days, but when the barometers and atmospheric pressures are changing and the land is receiving more stormy weather, these dark brews are helpful for adapting to the new season, and allowing us to rapidly integrate our nervous systems to the changing climate. The bio-availability of the Chaga can’t be underestimated and it would probably be a less substantial list to name what it is not good for than its positive attributes, from balancing adrenals (another antidote to excessive coffee), to tonic and focusing effects, cleansing the liver and the heart. Reishi is another of the Hyperborean fungus proxy.duckduckgo.commushvarieties that shared the enlightened use by our ancestors, used for the worst illnesses, cancers, and gastro-intestinal problems. The black plants of nature usually have some concealed value, whether it is a mass of chaga or a dark root growing in the shade. These two are perfect mycomedicinals that are gaining some headway in health circles, and I certainly rely on them.

Beyond drinking or tincturing the potent plant allies, the herbal smoking mixtures of wild weeds and some flowers are also in my cabinet for use in not only daily waking hours but also during sleep. The Mugwort plant (related to wormwood), has been used since medieval times and perhaps before into the early iron and bronze age as a dream potentiator, for lucidity, and as a sleep inducement. I have been smoking a blend of mugwort, with rare blue lotuses that thrive in small microclimates, roses and desert flowers for help with sleep, easement into my subconscious and focus in meditation and dynamic yoga practices. Many of these herbs, and flowers are nootropic and therefore taken for the mind, and the subtle energy bodies. Understanding masculinity is also about sympathizing with the less dominant forces of our inner archetype, the tranquil, passive and sensitive aspects of nature given through provider plants. Acting usually on deeper and less accessed realms of our behavioral complex, plants that are needed for shamanistic, intuitive, and psyche-spiritual healing purposes. Many old herbs and flowers were also infused into intoxicating meads and drunk, wormwood, and mugwort being two of them, along with Swedish bitters. I should mention if you are keen to use plants like these they should be wildcrafted and organic, especially in the case of tincturing when chemicals become more potentized. These are simply just moral codes held by herbalists and old school forest plant people. Those who forage their medicines from the wild, or get it from someone knows that it is more about the preservation of culture, pure quality, and sustainability, over supply and quantity.

These are ancient pagan traditions and recipes and then became the secrets of monks and nobles, but originally they were used by everyone, from peasants to warriors to kings, they all knew the value of these plants, herbs, and wild supplementations and health remedies. The cordials I have recommended are all made by a close friend for me, I focus on male herbs because that is what I want to promote, herbs for men, I drink ashwaghanda root decoction, an Indo-Aryan proxy.duckduckgo.comayurvedic herb used by men for ages for freebase testosterone, dreams, and male libido, this is often also mixed with raw honey from northern plants. A lot of these plants are aphrodisiacs, some of them even being studied to increase sperm count, strengthen erections, promote endurance and stamina for body building, and better metabolize and convert sugars, fats and carbohydrates into muscle mass and body weight. Sprouted fenugreek and brocolli is also good for these purposes, which I am growing organically with potent cow manure fertilizer and natural well water.


The effects of modern life, the stagnation of blood, the overworking of the organs from oxidative stress, the chemicals killing valuable soil organisms and therefore our gut biology and microbiome, to GMO’s, pollutants, and processed foods growing in toxic dirt all create a perfect storm of adrenal fatigue, burnout, depression, digestive problems, and huge lacks of energy. The herbals and plant essences mentioned are purveyed with the intention of awakening ourselves to our local flora, and understand that what we need is simply all around us, growing from the ground, and are useful in all manner of ill-offsets of health, the deteriorating effects of age, winter sress, and after bouts of indulgences and nutrition lack in our diet. I would suggest taking these substances with a paleo or wild food complemented diet for ultimate effect. If you are to truly reclaim your health, you need to act on your whole ecology. It would be pointless to engage with these allies if you are not eating clean. These are some of my own antidotes for simply waking up each day with vigor, throwing up some personal bests on some cardio and calisthenic workouts, staying endurant in the field when I work the farm, or just recovering from a bad dose of lethargy or inefficency. We can not make our legacies without the plants, and we must learn to recognize these old folk uses as the exact thing we need in today’s wolf age.

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