Re:Wild your Yoga


This is a benchmark time for me, a time to check in and forge forward, as I am finally taking my yoga practice into the world of teaching and on site daily ritual. The setting in reference is the farm I have settled on to earlier this season, called Earth Haven, located in Tweed, Ontario. Throughout the year I shall be focalizing classes, organizing private one on one for those needing extra attention, and potentially doing a couple workshop and yoga retreat. My yoga website is now launched and so far in a minimal bare skin state, but it will not become too complex. On the site I will be tailoring the events, providing information on where to find me, and how to get in touch, as well are sporadic articles dealing with yoga, primal movement, and documenting alternative fitness modalities like hanging rings, slack line, movnat, or barefoot running. I want to teach yoga as a mainstay to compliment my agricultural work, and the two blend very well together to keep me in perfect condition when on the farm, to stretch, tone and flex my body, from muscles to fascia. Any classes for volunteer farmhands will take place on the farm, as will any further teachings or yoga sessions for public, either in a small learning hall or outside. Tell some friends, and let me know if you are keen to come for an outdoor yoga class on a warm day. This is the first post of the website below.

“The Yoga Road Goes On…tumblr_p1a6hvX3f31romrx1o1_1280

Though the journey for me commenced seven years ago, in a quiet yoga studio in downtown Hamilton, little did I know that Yoga would become a mainstay of my life, and a primary technique for keeping myself healthy, focused, and in tune with the cycles of nature. In the years since stepping onto my mat, I have practiced yoga in fourteen countries, demonstrated yoga to youth in the rural mountain regions of Oaxaca, participated in yoga sessions in the jungles of Yucatan, and trained as a teacher in southern Mexico. I’ve found hundreds of different ways to manipulate my body, and found myself lost in meditation for hours at a time in some remote corner of the world. Mastery is a strong aim of my practice, full awareness fused with the natural flow of movement over a piece of ground. I see yoga as dynamic, rather than static, and experience yoga as a healing, transcendental process, one of pure embodiment and activation of our primal bodies.”

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