Sköll the wolf that chases the sun reigns in his solar power, and at last swallows his feed. The nights of Hati now swell as Máni is pursued into a new night and a new day. The mark of blazing runes burn from my heart into the world of men and imbibe the teaching runes of the solar :Y:ear as it revolves on itself, and travels back into the sea of night. Today, Allfather and :URth:mother condense in the realm of mythos and magic, and I learn to put a new foot to bare ground where I have not walked before, there where power meets potential and the potency of a magic moment calls in a new reality for me to enter. Odins testing and the joy of Thor live inside me, balanced with Freyjas curious lust and will to power that carves a course where I move in the greater saga of it all. Wyrd and the well seethe with new meaning, the lores of runes speak in loaded spells :ARAHARI: I come to visit the old halls and the new, forever evolving, forever growing, protecting the powers that looms inside, and to defend if necessary, that which must be preserved. Carry the sun at your back and move in a world without fear, weakness or upheaval, and be prepared for anything. Change is the cycle of Jera, and only adaptation will make you stronger, more virile, self reliant, and impeccable. Souls rooted like staves in fresh earth, with thick bark and branches that will outgrow even its own forest. Move in tribal fashion, backed by rigorous self-work, love for brother and sister, skill and orientation. Functioning as does a finely tuned motor, that :R:ides into uncharted yet familiar territory. The sun takes its longest journey above our fields and it is time to open our mouths against the sky and swallow our fill with its vices and virtues, to clearly define where we stand, to make up our mind, and walk in the hallways of all:ways where are greater men, and the Gods imagine us worthy of them. :RISE: to this :SHINE: and set it motion a great ritual of self to SELF, a rite of passage for your own :S:oul to :S:tream :S:unward.

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