:X: is the Rune of Giving and Receiving, the traditional meaning of Gift.

I often find that when people receive something for free, they believe it doesn’t have value, on the contrary, I still believe information should be free. So I write without interest in profit or mass publication. If you feel like you have gained anything substantial, useful, been inspired by, or re-used any of this material in your life or online journal and would be willing to contribute anything to the support of that, you can email some amount of whatever you can afford, you can send me bitcoin, which is an exciting new crypto-currency if you have a coinbase account, Bitcoin

use the email seektherunes24@gmx.com to send funds to the wallet

All contributions, from $1-$1000 are gratefully appreciated under the honor of a gift, and used to fuel my nomadic lifestyle and continued traveling, and giving back to the organic communities, indigenous lifestyles and peoples, and a regular output here on the aferalspirit journal.

Tusen takk!