Wildrune stadhas part 2

Sowilo (sow-wheel-oh) One arm bent at elbow raised above head to the right, the other in opposite position, below waist, and switching their placements in one fluid movement. With the rune rune stadha the stave revolves on itself, like the zenith of the sun. I practiced this just after dawn at the highest place of the land I could find. This way, seeing the suns rays over all the landscape. Sowilo spoken sounds like a circle of words, again the revolution of the sun and light. During my stay in Lake Elsinore county of California, I was near to the clay dunes and scrublands. The area is dry most year round and totally exposed to the fire of the sun. Sowilo is a constant presence and controls not only the plants there but even to some extent peoples lives, when it becomes too hot to even be outside. When I climbed the hills it was apparent how strong the light was, with nothing to shelter you from it. The merkstave of Sowilo also had the counter effect, being so barren and away from unnatural light, the sun would be the only source of light to count on (besides the moon). I perform a swinging version of the stadha, with left or right arm raised and the other below the hips, then crossing each other over. This is the cyclic nature of deosil, the path the sun takes through the worlds. The Sol galdr, or Soh-wheel-oh is like a rotation, or a ball of energy revolving on itself. The seed sound also contains the word wheel, the most ancient pictograph of the Sun cults.

Hagalaz: The archaic form of Hagalaz, which resembles a star pointed stave with four directions is the container of all other runes. Thus it is inclusive and cosmic. Aldis and I did this one in a watery cave in the Bioregion of the Tahoe National Forest. It is strewn with boulders and torrents, with a very primal-eqsue landscape. Inside a cove, was a small aperture, appropriate for Hagal, that comes out of the darkness. This was the runic womb, and the outside world representing the macrocosm. :Hagalaz: is the axiom of transformation and extreme places in nature, and I would think it safe to say both of us felt very intense energies and personal development from being there. The stadha is pointing to the corners of the universe, drawing energy from everywhere, and concentrated in small kernel in the centre.  The galdr of :H: are 3 open syllables encircling the seed sound of Ansuz, the ginn spirit at the beginning of creation, Ha-Ga-Laz.  The louder it is intoned, the more powerful it is, in my opinion.

Murky and Light Aspects 6 months

The following is a documentation of my progress with the light, neutral and murky aspects of my being. Involving the lik, praxis, interaction and the psychosocial complex. From roughly 6 months of being an apprentice in the Galdragildi, here is original list followed by my personal growth in each aspect.

Myrk: Attention, Inclusion, Worship, Galdr

I have been keeping with at least one session of gildwork per day, sometimes in the daybreak, midday, and evening or night using a Dagaz structure of worship, involving meditation, physical runes, written, vocal, and using bindrunes/staves for magical intent. As well as practicing Galdr in many natural environments and intoning the full futhark on a near daily basis. Both of these aspects can then be considered incipit. To be godmouth and spread the word of the Galdragildi has also taken priority with at least one prospect who is kindled in the Asatru and Svartiskoli ways. When others have asked, I have spoken as well on troth, Asatru, and kindreds. The prospect of initiating a new member is likely, or having a chapter of the Galdragildi in England. This would make inclusion a bright aspect. I find the same relative amount of attention needed which in with the living tradition. Wisdom and acts are done personally and when shared are usually noticed by the same few. This would be bright or neutral then, as some things are still in the background and my work evolves when deed gives for deed.

Bright: industriousness, empathetic, open-hearted, inquisitive, inspired, trans-personal, sensual/sexual, calm, loving, open minded, troth, virility, preservation, troth, sustainability, affectionate, disciplined, consciousness

With the farm work, gardening, and homesteading that has occupied my time, it has been easy to maintain a very industrious ethic. My sensuality and sexuality has been tampered with, not being very often around women of my type. This aspect is neutral. I remain with full empathy, affectionate and open-hearted to friends. Many have helped me along the way when there was great need, or offered a place to stay, food, money, or conversation. This may be one of the brightest aspects as I engage into deeper and more frequent relationships, especially with those distant from me. My inspiration has spurred me to make a few Taufr, gifts, and carvings, with plans for more elaborate pieces as part of the gild-work. Trans-personality becomes less a priority as Isa is strengthened and further refine my routine, so this would be a murky or neutral aspect. I can still awake the other traits but do not want to disperse my foci of attention too thin. The troth is becoming second nature and instilled in my consciousness, both of them reflect each other. Odian awareness and living for the Gods and Godesses of the North solely, has made far advancements in the way I perceive and grow. Memory and mind evolves twofold. The discipline level could potentially have more of an outward nature but remains strong. I have nourished  my own virility in earnest whenever possible. The need for constant change and the pure desire to be. This is still a bright aspect. It is important for me to see new places and create surreal and profound moments. I am maintaining a progressional growth and reputation as a vitki.

Neutral: patience, artistic, cosmic understanding, ritual/routine, reverence, health aware, Odhinic resemblance

My artistic side remains neutral, the fire burns the same for visual or physical arts. Gild routine  is an everyday occurrence and of highest priority to me, but ritual has not yet been on the forefront. Our kindred and praxis is the brightest reflection of my persona. Ritual still needs a stronger element and is thus neutral. I see this to change now after the equinox ceremony and heightened ability for ginn-magic and outlets for this medium. I have a high reverence for anything put before me that is created by other gild members or friends. This always remains bright. The reverence is of truth, beauty, and wholeness. It is stronger in some people and weaker in others. Health awareness is neutral as I am tramping from one place to another, staying with other people and have not had the constant responsibility to always cook for myself. However what I consume and knowledge of the food or where it came from is more important now. I honor the Allfather and his consort for any meals prepared. The Odhinnic resemblance is becoming more pronounced with oathing, verse recitation and altering my personal behavior according to the 9 noble virtues, but up against the profundity and mystery of Odin, I think this aspect is still in transit, or neutral as I cross the gorges of Asatru resonance. Some things I am learning for this, are the kennings of Odin, his various masks, power, and history of the Ase gods.

I continue on my path of groa, like the steady Ygg touching all levels of being and and becoming.



powerful runenstadha vibrations this morning, the messenger spiral replacing the trefot wheel, Oden’s tripartite nature of Wodanaz, Vili, Ve becoming the I as part of the hammer summoning. Wod, Speech, Breath. Bioregional animism of Cascadia and skaldic poetry recitation. I am on the giddy edge of Hagalaz, there is a new seed embedded in the husk of the old. I make my oath to the troth once more, and eternal. Fehu, Algiz, Ansuz, Raidho, Thurs, Mannaz, Inguz, Eihwaz, Sol, and Wunjo. I am the living runes.

The Yggdrasil Poems: Kaunaz


within every tree, there is hidden
the preserved fire,
waiting for somone to come, and make kindling
to add fuel, and breath
someone who can chant spells over the wood,
to usher forth the blazing flame
and such is the fire burning within ourselves

Wildrune stadhas part 1

As part of my gildverk last month, I took it upon myself to better the prospect of doing rune stadhas on a regular basis in different natural environments. Each body (lik) is a living rune that speaks in a bioacoustic language with the phenomena of the nine worlds, and natural qualities of Midgard. By travelling and finding separate, unique ecosystems and environments that I felt
symbolised specific runes, I would practice the associated rune pose with the galdr chant until my hamingja was linked sufficiently with the qualities of that rune. Some of my time was spent at a farm in the English countryside, with exposure to many natural features, wildlife, and spiritual sources. Whilst currently I have been practicing these at a homestead, or during my walks. I will give a small compendium of the rune stadhas and galdr with  the refined magic outcomes.

Fehu (fee-yu) standing with right arm raised above head, and the left just at eye level. Working on a farm where the number of cattle and oxen determined how much work can be done, or milk gathered, and thus dairy made, which is Feoh, the temporary property and wealth of one person or group of people. The stave resembles someone reaching out to acquire something or holding onto a possession. Laguz (law-goze) standing straight with both arms tilted down toward the ground. Living near to the sea, or ponds. The causeways of water are the natural keep of Laguz. The galdr starts with a higher pitch, which can be the foci of water with sound above land, and ends with a deeper tone, like the depths of the ocean, or sea. When standing in water I find it more powerful because the stadha is set so that your hands outstretched, are like offering something to the waters. In the way the Proto-European Odin cults would give something to bogs and wells as an offering. So, one can extend their energy to the Goddess Nerthus. The shape is also in the form of a plant, withering before the water starts to fall on it.

Ingwaz (Ing-vase) Upright, arms bent at elbows and fingers meeting just above groin. In wild untamed places, Ing dwells. It is a passive pose, and allows for meditation on the diversity of life, and scenery before you when out in nature. The galdr is a breath of contraction and expansion, like the flow of life through a forest, or a sentient being.

Bjarkan (byar-khan) one knee bent with foot still touching ground and one arm bent towards forehead. Related to Ing, but to a natural place with a distinct feminine quality, or where there has been conservation and preservation done. The nourishing aspect of the mother goddess. Bjarkan galdr has a subtle trill of sound, like the acoustics of a lucid, fantastic land seen in a dream. The Berkano stadha, if done sitting, on both legs, you find yourself in a pose imitating worship or kneeling to terra mater.

Eihwaz (eye-wahz) one foot raised up halfway towards back, and both arms slanted towards the soil. On a small mound of earth, near a stream, and under particularly giant trees. The Ygg rune is a powerful stadha to practice and strengthen your own internal tree and axis. The posture demands balance and resembles a central pillar with tendrils or in this case roots, going down and out, and branches going up and across. The galdr had less effect on me than most runes, but one might want to try the Old English or Old Norse pronounciations.

Ég er hér að groa: The First Aett

I have now crossed the rift between the study and holistic use of the first 8 runes from the Elder Futhark, the first aett. During my time thus far as an apprentice of the Galdragildi, I have witnessed some profound self-transformation, through study of the curriculum books, and practical integration of Fehu through Wunjo.

The magical interjection of performing a rune draw I would consider the most important and most perceptive altering technique I have gained from runic ritual. Before joining the gild, I was quite a skeptical character with most of my knowledge of the world stemming from materialistic science and rationalistic philosophy. I had no inclination towards divination or drawing lots, using tarot or crystals, etc. I suppose it was only in the last three years that the spiritual aspect of life became really a part of anything I did. Having the resources of an entire curriculum of hundreds of rare books and articles to read, and many gild specific rites involved, automatically let me pursue a sentiment I had been doubtful about before. That is, the mythological narrative layered upon a life firmly grounded in what I only experienced with direct knowledge. I do believe I gained a lot of revelatory insight after my first rune draw. It came at a time when my lover had left me, and I used the runes that I crafted myself, to instigate my darker shadow consciousness, the sub-awareness that I had started to trust in more to reveal and choose what was then Right for me. Naturally I felt inclined for a session of meditation during the draw, and ended up taking Thurs blindly from the pouch. A couple months previously I had taken a couple hours a night, in solitude, to meditate on each rune that I read about in Edred Thorsson`s guide book, and then write a short personalized account of what I thought they meant and represented to my own subjectivity, along with a short few verses of prose about each runic aspect. Returning to these notes, where I had included the ideographic meaning, and metaphysical symbolism, the :ᚦ: page mirrored exactly how I was already thinking and dealing with the situation. It also gave me very powerful rede as to how to carry out my own actions to move forward. Essentially, this rune was the thorn which I felt inflicted by, and the way to progress was to uphold my higher self, keep the peace, but also use defense lest the harmfulness of the situation became worse. I analyzed each rune lightly after this from my book, which still remain relatively unchanged, and of all their esoteric values, it was ᚦ  alone that emanated any kind of truth to me in its explanation. This was a special example of my first real divination with the runes, so inevitably I felt on a high, as if it really worked. A few weeks later I had the instance again of drawing a rune that dealt with my feeling of isolation, discomfort, fear and anxiety from being in a very intimidating place. When I was given Wunjo ᚹ, it was the same thing. Again I felt that only this rune resonated with me properly, and I continued to think about it and facilitate it in my conscious mind and will for several weeks after. A second instance proved it was not mere coincidence. A third, some period of time later when my spiritual direction and divinity awareness was weakened, I felt to be unprotected, unsafe, and without communication to Odin, the gods and goddesses. ᛉ Algiz became present then in my lot, and was the very axiom of my gild initiation rite, and my spirit lit up. The communication aspect was extremely strong, and I did experience a sense of belonging, and protection from a higher entity. I could not then express any doubt for the divination portion of Asatru and was already well out of the murky parts of my heathen path.

Many times while undergoing my everyday activity, which at the time I was working in a tree planting camp, I would chant one of the runes that I felt particularly strong that day. The galdr, while I had done this is quiet meditation before sleep was entirely different in an active way. If for instance I was chanting Berkano, and giving a spiritual penance for the mother goddess by planting seeds in the earth, I found the quality of my work became better, and my mood was more lively and less distracted than without the chanting. Galdr became a way for me to use the rune as a foci for deep contemplation but also for manifestation, and propagation. It multiplied itself the more I did it as my technique got better. Galdr has been something I really like to do when I feel there is a lot of space to fill with the tones, or to act as a primer for deeper and more effectual magic (but of course, an integral part of it). The concept of trans-personalization as well, such as using my body to become one of the deities. Recalling the myth of THOR smashing the earth with his hammer and creating fertility in the barren areas. This became me, in the clearcut, with my shovel, hitting in the soil several thousand times a day, and each time a hole opened in the ground, a tree planted in its place. Carrying on the work of the giant.

I also managed a  daily routine of hailing the day with DAGAZ each morning, doing Likstadhr and Runenmudra, and repeating the Odinic Oath each and every day of waking, no matter what kind of schedule I provided. Having structure and ritual involved with the mundane entitled me to create a more purposeful existence while I carried out all my other deeds. I began to truly enjoy doing these daily practices, because it nourished some positive traits that I had noticed within myself, like self-discipline, and worship.

Living in a society often perceived at face value, or wherein you are expected to perform, and provide at a certain level was a philosophy that I rejected very early in life, however I had always held on to certain behavioral traits that I deemed `noble`or truthful. The Nine Noble Virtues of Asatru; Courage, Truth, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Self-Reliance, Industriousness, & Perseverance. I took these on like axioms of my attitude as a heathen, and the fact that I could engage with the kin of the gild who also served for these fundamental traits was very special. As it was very difficult to meet others out in the world who still kept these codes alive, and were real about them, it was cathartic to have the trust in at least a small group of them who did. This in turn, issued me a new state of living.

I believe now that I also fully understand the primary tenet of the Odinic self sacrifice after reading many scholarly and trusted texts on it with different viewpoints but further on how I relate to it, and transfix my own ODIN into the myth for practical living. I now also understand the roles of the most important gods and goddesses in the Asatru pantheistic tradition and their archetypes of what Jung called Man`s symbols. This was ultimately a way for me to transcend the purely scientific and anthropological knowledge I had yearned about deities and their counterparts, and instead fused them as vectors of creation or different phenomena I observed and experienced all the time anyways. Layering on a more fantastical ontology to the method in which I survived, and perceived or interacted with things around me. Through the filter of the divinities like Freya and Baldur.

I am very fond of the parallels I notice between the Teutonic and Germanic ideals and those of the Indic traditions. As I find several others of the members are also interested in the Aryan/Hindu paradigms and even the stories that are involved contain a lot of the same sentiments only translated slightly differently from the viewpoints of different folk in a different age. Ygg’s empowering tree as my central core and the Nine Realms are perhaps the most intimate to me as an individual within the gild. The tree, like a fractal that perpetuates itself, and grows to make strong branches, and the delicate but beautiful representation of the organic life of the tree relating to my physical presence here on earth. And the deep psychological relatives between Yggdrasil and different states of consciousness (the crown as being closer to spirit, the roots clinging to the matter of Midgard, etc.) I have felt my own tree grow, and bud, and stretch and provide life for other sentient beings all the while giving it all the food it has needed to stand amongst other trees.
Although these apexes and victories are not without some ignorance and struggle. I still yet find difficulty with Seiðr techniques, the evolution narrative, and perhaps making successful taufr. Though these are things I have greatly expanded upon in my personal awareness and praxis, they have been murky aspects throughout the first aett. Predominately, the early work of my apprenticeship has been of positive conclusions to answers I have sought for in life, and an upwelling of wisdom passed from my ancient ancestors of proto-Europe. I do go about now truly thinking in a radically different way, of how might one of them deal with a situation, or where would they get their food, or what kind of relationship would they have with their kin, and it causes me to be inherently more aware of my past, while trying to make sense of what I have in the present. I feel connected to ideas and traditions intrinsically apart of me, yet formerly forgotten. And have already even impacted the lives of some friends, demonstrating and teaching to them the ways of heathenism and the runes. This is in my eyes, the highest gift I have received from being apart of the Gild.

Galdragildi self initiation rite


3 months now I have been an apprentice of the Galragildi. I was taken on by the former gildmaster Gandvaldr after conversing with him for several weeks. I have been studying the runes since then, and increasing my capacity for literature by reading the sagas, the poetry, Germanic history, and articles on the way our ancestors lived. It has taken until now for the right time, that I felt I must perform my self initiation rite. I had lived in the metropolis of Montreal when joining the gild, and did not feel the environment around me provided for the right setting. Now I have been living in the forest for over a month, and am becoming more attuned to the traditions of the land. Before I actually did my ritual, I spent a lot of time getting in touch with the land, practicing survival skills, identifying plants and birds, making traditional recipes, and building the Ve.

DSCF9102The county where I stayed is called Ignace, 4 km into the thick bush. I was encamped at some hunting ground, with a bleeding post set up for moose and deer carcasses. There had already been a lot of blood spilled on the grounds I chose, and I piled a small sand burial mound lined with rocks to symbolize the passage of life through site on that site. A banner of Shiva and Kali hung on a T cross, so I honored the Hindu parallels to the Heathen gods. A cattle skull for :FEHU: and a moose skull for the native species were adorned on the two trees, with several doe and buck skulls and antlers were formatted around.

I decided to partake of some marijuana before doing the rite as well. Because it is not a vice for me, I was saving it specifically for a special purpose. I felt on a high almost immediately, thulean and inspired. I began the ritual with :ALGIZ: meditation and galdr. I had drawn the rune of Algir some time before when my spiritually had been put on the backburner. The :ALGIZ: rune instilled a new passage for self-growth and released its answers to me at the fitting time. As I invoked the holy fires of Asgard and signed the Mjolnir through the night ether with my seax, my attention transformed from internal awareness to universal consciousness. Each stada performed like a bio-antenna finding it’s signal in the cardinal points, above and below. My flesh became a living rune, and a vessel to weave a work with the land wights. I did feel some powerful contact from the unknown presences in the forest and the unpolluted night sky. The ginger honey mead was offered and 2 droughts I drank from a wolf carven horn, gaining Wodanaz’ sacred wisdom and weal. A set of yellow tinged candles were melting away over the soil in the stave of Algiz. I had chosen the perfect time of night, during the dusk, and there I offered myself to myself in isolation and under the watchful eye of Odin. None disturbed me, and the weather favored me. I felt completely at one with everything around me and my sense became like super senses.  The entire rite lasted only as it needed, while I chanted and listened to the music of Wolfsblood. My heiti “Wolfshaman” Ulfur Tofralkaer, had been given to me once again and I took the name for the gild. I have only had few other moments when I felt so fully alive in my life. Every cell in my body was charged, all emotions had transcended the mundane, and all the energy of my being felt restored, renewed and rewilded. My oaths became bound to my kindred there, and grounded my presence within this great family.

I am currently studying the first aett of the Elder Futhark, and making my way through the Sagas, Eddas, and other curriculum literature of the gild. I have also started crafting my taufr for magical purposes and will be attending the Jule moot in January. The immense amount of personal insight, practical knowledge and relevant information I have gained from personal praxis, meditations and reading has been invaluable. My roots grow stronger, as my spirit attends the High Hall. Her ek em groa. I am here to grow.

Odin’s Will To Power

Odhin_thronOdin’s persona and sacrifice on the world tree, his initiation at the world axis, is steeped in mythology and runesters and scholars alike have been interpreting it for generations. The more I think about the old Havamal poem, and the characteristics and kennings ascribed to Odin, I am starting to see them from a modern perspective, per se. Taking Odin’s life and analyzing it under the context of the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche may seem like an irrelevant thing to do, but it helps me understand in a more practical sense the Odhinic complex and what it may mean. The hunger for knowledge and self mastery by overcoming taken by the High One, is the same in his concept of the Will to Power, as that shown his rite of ascendance and gaining of the mysteries. It is probably that the Scandinavians were not so intellectual and analytical of the mind sciences, but one does need to go farther than Odin’s own Mannerbunde, the elite group of men who held a rigorous code of behavior. The nine noble traits are essentially a refined and tested method of individual mastery which constituted The Right path, those are;

  • Courage
  • Truth
  • Honour
  • Fidelity
  • Discipline
  • Hospitality
  • Self Reliance
  • Industriousness
  • Perseverance

One special idea that has crossed my mind is the way Odin attained his wisdom

geiri vndaþr oc gefinn Oðni, sialfr sialfom mer,

wounded with a spear, dedicated to Odin, myself to myself”

It is written and known that Odin gave himself in an ascetic act of transformation, to sublime that which was of a higher essential form, which is also Odin. It is traditional now for the vitki, or Odinist who identifies with the Odhinic archetype to make similar such dedications and offerings for their own self overcoming.

In Nietzsche’s concept, there is a subjective force, drive, desire, which is the Will to Power. It is purely understood from within the self. Not only the primal instinct of survival and causal action and reaction, but the gain and attainment, and need to thrive. The intentions of this specialized force is for attaching more power to one’s unique telos. The will to power is the manifest energy that lies within everything that is able, and is accommodated by consciousness. Nietzsche describes the animistic will to exist as only the first level of his Will to Power, such in that when the animal is attacked it must fight, in order to defend it’s first tendency to live. However it will not go on struggling to merely live if it is not threatened. The next level up would be observed in the way it creates and experiences objective phenomena, just as us humans. If we are not in bondage, or under attack, we must naturally grow, and advance towards something better which is the way of all organic beings. It is realistic to assume that a Right man/woman will seek to gain status, respect, resources, and health. Speaking on the understandings of the various Sagas, all the most important characters had these traits about them, the karls and earls were most highly revered for their oppulence, personality, and drives to succeed. Odin being just one of these who have risen up, proactively. Nietzsche also argued for the value of pain, as an obstacle to be overcome, shadowing of course Odin’s wounds that only create a new being from the symbolic death of the old flesh to the new

Some of Odin’s kennings elude to this idea of his Will To Power: Farmögnuðr meaning Journey Empowerer, Fimbulþulr means Mighty Thule (High Speaking One), Foldardróttinn means Lord of the Earth, Gramr Hliðskjálfar means King of the High Seat, Runatyr God of Runes or Sigðir Victory giver. These ones directly give vent to his elite prowess among the gods and men.

In the multiverse of the Teutonic cosmology, there are 9 worlds, which can here represent the different planes of existence. Besides being separate parts of the whole world, these may be traveled to bodily or in an a-corporeal state. These realms, where the rune magician can only enter with the right attitude or WILL. In these 9 worlds are matter and energy. The energy inherit in these worlds are influenced creatively by the subjectivity of the vitki or magician who occupies them. Odin was the master shaman and magician, and could travel these realms as he may on his steed. But Odin’s purpose for occupying these places was not an accident. He intended by his will to traverse these realms which may seem dangerous by others who are shackled by fear. Fear being the counter-intuitive and decaying tendency fundamentally against the Will to Power. By entering into Asgard, the underworld, or riding to the four cardinal points and especially his ritualistic apostasy on the Ash tree to gain the secrets, which are the runes, he learnt of the ways of men, and the physics of the universe. New Power came to him, in 24 seed forms, runar. The All-knowing one, then sought out by those of the Vanir for divine rede.

A few other of Odin’s kennings which are emblematic of his Will To Power.

Svipall (Shape-shifter) Odin could change shapes, into other lifeforms, such as an eagle to steal the mead of odhroerir, which is the sacred drink of the Gods. Into one of his many avatars, to woo over women, to aid those in battle, or for consultation  with his worshippers.

Vakr (Awakened) Like the mystic, or enlightened one who is finally drawn from his slumber.

Vinr Míms/Lóðurs… Odin was friends with many high minded folk, and demigods alike, including Mimir who guarded the well of wisdom. Therefore the clan aspect increased his knowledge and insight through sympathetic relationships.

Odin’s knowledge and gaining of the the occult powers goes side by side, ‘knowledge is power’. Odin’s brothe Ville (Wiljon) is believed by some Germanic historians (Edred Thorsson) to be an avatar of Odin and Wiljon means Will. In the Gild I am part of, the root of GROA (to grow) is a seed that I offer within, giving oneself to onself. It is growth, and thus attainment to higher vistas of experience and wisdom, and my own responsibility to nourish it and make sure it has everything it needs to truly grow. GROA is self-generating growth and the Will To Power and the vitki is indeed another ray of Odin himself, because as Odin is the symbol of this Growth, he exists as the seed, and every form of that which grows along the way. The Will to Power is the fuel for GROA, and Odin, and the Tru self.

Neo-Runes: Skiptir



Biology: Speciation

Hindu essence: avatars

Galdr: (skyp-tyr)

Bardic rune (no alpha or numerical value)

Referring to an older post of mine on the concept of neo-runes, and discovering within, as a vitki, the qualities and mysteries of new runes that are applicable to my life in the current age. I have seen had one of these meditations, unveiling this stave for me, that did not seem to already fit in the FUTHARK. The esoteric meaning has come from personal reflection of my life, but it’s objective value may also be useful for other high and like minded people. The rune is called Skiptir, and is Icelandic for division, or divide. It can be drawn with opposite branches, thus the mirror image, or with curved branches. The two smaller tines at the top are pictographic of two small nodes, and the whole stave like a primitive picture of a plant, dividing itself.

My personal description of it is as follows: Skiptir is the dividing tendency. The need to experiment with alternative forms. Anything that branches out from a central axis or core. Identifiable with persona or personality, like the Bards who were purveyors of many arts. Drifting from one mindset or group to another. In nature, the separation of species to form diversity thus creating a huge map of possible options. The branches of the tree of life. The calving of countries, place, land, etc. or the races of humankind.

If you are someone that finds this neo-rune to resonate with you on some level and wish to use it in a bindrune or for magical intent, please ask for my permission. I don’t hoard my ideas, but I like the respect, and some worthwhile conversation as well.