Nature health

I have been spending a lot of time in the woods, planting trees, hiking, traveling, and exploring. For this kind of lifestyle it seems harder to maintain hygiene, but I decided to myself before these excursions on finding some alternative natural/organic health and body items instead of the cheap quality chemical based, processed materials one can find in convenience shops at any time. My body and health is extremely important, so here are some things to think about if you have a similar personal life

Norse Woods beard oil

Essential oil like Lavender contra the expensive perfume/colognes

Eucalyptus cream for insect repellant, not toxic or alcohol based and won’t wreck your skin

Sandalwood soap, instead of glycerin and animal fat

Beeswax for wounds

Himalayan salt or Sea Salt for bathing and piercings

Sphagnum moss for light body cleansing

Expired henna powder for washing hair/beard

Molasses shisha without the tar/chemicals/nicotine if you like to smoke

You might also consider pine resin for mustache wax, and coconut oil  for skin



Fly Agaric (Amanita Muscaria)

It was my third time trying the Fly Agaric (Amanita Muscaria), as I started with only 3 small caps and went up to 5. I have a DSCF8744special affinity with mushrooms and enjoy finding new species and then identifying them if I can on my own study.
The Fly Agaric is native in Europe (mostly Lapland and northern Scandinavia) where it is taken by the Sami people for shamanic use. It is an ancient sacramental entheogen and also postulated as a main ingredient of the Soma, drank by the bards of the Vedic texts for immortality. It is one of the oldest organic substances used by man.  I went for a hike near my lodge and took them there. Nothing extraordinary happened, but after a couple hours I had the sensation of very acute inner consciousness, my functions and thoughts felt natural and I started viewed everything special. A certain love was present, love for myself, and a comfort that I had not experienced in my normal state. The muscimol must have had a freeing effect on the tensions from days past. The scent of the caps, a burnt orange color was aromatic and earthy, with a subtle char taste, especially when baked at 85F for a half an hour. I have read on Erowid that you can do this with fresh caps and collect the drops of liquid that fall off the mushrooms onto wax paper and then drip it back over them to make it more potent. The skin and the gills contain the most muscimol, but it is truly savored as a whole. I will increase my intake to 7 caps next time for a more potent effect. Hopefully I can obtain some Syrian Rue and Ephedra to make Soma.

Second Salvia Divinorum Experience: Blood Current Illumination

I must relate the tellings of this truly ‘divine’ herb in my own words from my second smoking experience. I was tired and lazy before inhaling the smoke, but the aromatic smoke filled my body hollows and into all the cells almost instantly. My plans were a simple night walk to see the sky, but turned out to be way more than this.

I took my star map and laced up my combat boots and threw on my baja with an extra sweater underneath. -32 C outside, but I really craved to feel the cold on my body and hands for a short while. All my feelings were very pronounced, even leaving my flat felt like an ambitious journey somewhere… then it become more intense when I saw the nightsky.

It had not been adequate enough to see the stars here as of late because of the urban light pollution and density of the cumulonimbus clouds forming ethereal blankets in the blackness. But tonight, there were only wispy clouds, and hundreds of stars. The cold didn’t bother me, and I felt the sudden instinct to run, so I ran, to the river where no one was out, where I had silence to be with nature’s dark secrets and my inner more primal self…

All my limbs were loose and free, stomping the ground, and shaking the cold earth underfoot. I ran in circles, listening to the music of Nightbringer as it churned and churned on me, in and outside of me. I swore at the crescent moon, and heard the booming of the frozen ice. I heard wardrums, but they came as much from the music as from the distance. I kept being tricked that I was with a friend, and then thinking I was a viking nomad with a sparkling celestial garment, using the star map as my guide across the encrusted snowy landscape. There was an beautiful bluish hue around me, like a non-material robe, but only I knew it was there, and it was ethereal because it had a strange fabric to it.

Then I crossed a patch of ice, and took out my map again. I found the polaris like the axis of the night world deserving cyclic worship. I was just chanting the names of the stars, Pherkan! Altais! Sheliak! Kornephoros! Adhafera! Arcturus! Hyades! Then seized the Aldebaran with my eyes, the bright one, followed from the Big Dipper constellation across several lightyears of space in a single movement of my head. I felt so animalistic then, as if in a light trance, stomping the snow, pounding my chest, and raising my clenched fist and yelling to the sky in honor. I felt light footed, able to go over the deeper parts of the snow with ease. And again, started to feel as a viking again, holding the map out in front of me while walking, looking for something… land? my lost tribe? I am sure if anyone was around they would be quite intimidated.

I went to stand under a light but the sky became obscured by branches and ran back, and just stopped thinking anymore, I craned my neck up for several minutes letter the light of the stars filter down onto me like I was the vessel of their luminescence. I watched the reddish clouds formations hover over, concealing constellations but revealing clusters in the process. It appeared as some kind of reddish dark matter rather than clouds. Those glorious forms of the quantum world. The icy temperatures was seeping in now, and I began feeling a conscious reversion from the salvia effects. It has a nice aftertaste in the mouth when the energetic effects wear down. I walked back, the happiest I have been in a week, and now writing this.

I realized tonight a profound difference in the way we perceive creativity when under the influence of entheogens, contra whilst through higher physical or sensory stimulation like sex, art, or music. Firstly, these 3 things are greatly enhanced, though I have not had the opportunity to try and sexual things using shamanic herbs and mushrooms, I can admit at being moved entirely by the music I am listening to, and the pictures I see. In the purely sensory state of normal consciousness there always remains a form of attachment, or secureness, like we are not always surrendering to the stimulus given to us by Nature! With the Salvia for example, I let it wash over me without fear, and knew when not to take more than needed. Then all my dulled senses being overloaded with feeling and attraction. I always knew before exposing myself to entheogens, that it would be for spiritual or primal reasons, to go beyond just a ‘trip’ in the bedroom. I want to use it as a vehicle to open the nadi channels of my chakra system, to awaken intuitive creativity, to heal myself of social awkwardness, and possibly to transcend and go out of my body. My knowledge of these sacred plants continues to grow over on itself and refine my understanding of them, but my self and spirit remains open to the worlds it creates for me.

Salvia Divinorum experience

kaleidoscopic-1The salvia herb, the divine plant is Mexican born, in the high Sierra Mazatec. A totem of the Shaman tribes in that bioregion. The leaves are gushing with Salvinorin A, the molecule that is the spirit horse, the traveling inner medicine to other planes. So it is told anyway. It is used modernly as a psychedelic and aroused many polar opinions from use. My first intake of the Salvia Divinorum was a light dose, about 1 tenth of 1 gram of 10 x extract. I smoked it, but have been told it is good as incense as well. The smoke was fairly clean, and the come on was quite sudden. My limbs felt embedded with new energy. I did not experience any hallucinations or anything ecstatic, but did feel very confident, talented and creative. I took to playing my didge whilst my mate was chiming a singing bowl and drum which put me in a very peaceful state, yet full of vigor. I will definitely try using a heavier dose next time, and keep lighter doses for times when I need the extra wakefulness, like hiking or playing music.

First Damiana experience

I acquired some Damiana (Turnera Diffusa) herb from a local hemp store that also sold seeds for cannabis, and where I bought the Kava. There are no restrictions in North America on selling, obtaining or growing it from what I have studied at I had read up on this herb whilst first considering experiment with some milder natural sedatives. I was attracted by the information I found. Being described in effect as a stimulant on the libido and not unlike a lose dosage of marijuana. This has been tested on rats, and showed some positive effects, with the affected rats much more sexually active after eating the dried herb. Damiana in full, is a native plant to Texas. According to wikipedia it contains “α-pinene, β-carotene, β-pinene, eucalyptol, tannins and thymol”, which are of course organic compounds and essentially what makes the plant “drug” have any effect at all. Some hybrids are around like Black Mamba in the UK which unfortunately has more of a negative effect than positive. Sometimes it is just used to replace tobacco.DSCF7450

I was told to smoke a lot if at all, so I just relaxed, watching a documentary about a lost Tibetan village, whilst continually stocking my pipe every few minutes. It is a beautiful yellowish green color, and to be honest the herb smells of wormwood or dried grass but also very sweet and aromatic, and the smoke is more harsh I find than marijuana when inhaled. You only get a small amount of the medicinal molecules into your lungs at one time. You are meant to cough with it, as I did but gradually was able to bring it down my throat deeper and longer, exhaling less smoke. For the first 2 hours I did not think anything was happening. I did start to feel rather tired. After this 2 hours, I did experience a relatively placid state, pensiveness and dreamy wakefulness. I must have called it a night after this because I only remember setting into my bed and doing some pranayama whilst my lungs felt very light. I used the deep pranic breathing to awaken my subtle nervous system and let whatever was suppose to happen just come on with full force. I did not feel the lack of temporal dimensions like with marijuana but certainly had a deep blissful sleep, and possibly some REM dreaming. In the morning I felt renewed. This was all after about 8 fills of my rather small pipe. This was fine for the first time, and I saved a lot for when I try again.

American Elderberry


American Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis)hippocrates

Hippocrates, the original medicine man, called it the “medicine chest”. He was the first to ever suppose that all human diseases had natural remedies, and his followers sought him out in temples to hear of his knowledge of the plant world. The berries can be used to make wine. They boost the immune system to protect against viruses and bacterial infection, but also has been used in treatment against AIDS among other things. it treats some kinds of skin diseases and infection and is also known to improve night vision.


Kava Kava (Piper Methysticum) is a native plant to the West, found in Fiji, Hawai’i, Vanuata, Australia, & Samoa. It is held by the communities of these regions to be something of a sacred substance, with medicinal effects. The roots are the main part like with many other tropical flora that are used to produce the Kava drink. It is composed of Kavalactones which are the main ingredient that has the most direct effect on the body. The most traditional method is grinding the roots against coral or chewing it. It resembles a muddy water like sediment and doesn’t have much odor. The Kava extract from the shrub is a natural therapy to over-processed stress reducing drugs, and is hailed as the most potent alternative to insomnia and anxiety.

It has made its way to Western culture in modern pharmacological companies in ready form, but the ground root powder can be found in some culture/cannabis shops. It is extremely cheap, only about 0.20 per gram. It can be burned as incense or make into an infused cold or hot tea. I acquired a few grams of this to experiment with, trying the hot method. I prepared it like normal tea, letting the molecules seep out, and then after 10-15 minutes squeezing out the last drops from the pulp. The cold water version is called ‘grog’ but the hot version is supposedly more potent. It is traditionally a social thing to drink from the shorn halves of coconuts.

The effects: It makes your tongue and lips numb, and eases the throat. Euphoric states are common and lucid dreams sometimes follow if done late at night. I remember during my sleep, I had a dream where I was fighting, and no one could seem to conquer me. I was defending something or someone, this is all that I can recall. I have very rare dreams, so this seems to mean I did it properly. I did not experience any ‘bliss’ but was already very comfortable and calm, after having meditated for near an hour listening to throat singing in candlelight. Next time I will try it when I feel my nerves are being tested, or after I long excursion through the city.

Something I found weird is that Kava can not reproduce sexually, it is entirely human cultivated. It also can be found in our system with forensics if it within 48 hours of death. Tests have been done on long term. It is an inpirative plant for the Pacific tribes in yaqona (kava) ceremonies for easing the tension after a hard day of labor, and for meeting and conversing with people.

First Fasting

In many shaman cultures and secret societies or religions, the custom of fasting in commonly held as a strong belief or initiation rite. Words have been spoken of the spiritual or transcendental aspects of food offerings or food sacrifices, to deities, extreme forms of asceticism, or symbolic of the anti-material self. I decided I would try a short fast just to see what would happen.

The plan was to sustain myself on sheer reserves for two days, on only tea and coffee. I wanted the organic herbs in the tea to supplant my food supply, and the coffee would help me suppress the hunger. I had tea with lotus extract, a detox tea, and an ayurvedic tea altogether, and coffee with soy milk. At first I was half expecting to experience more sensory music listening, which did happen to a degree and probably would have increased If I did a longer one. I also though I might experience more lucid dreams, but alas, did not because I rarely dream. Perhaps there is not enough dopamine in my system, or my mind has too much thought from the days left over and goes on functioning during the nocturnal hours. I did however seem to connect with the animal, which is why I place this in the otherkin section. I believe this could be interpreted as a totemic relationship because by denying myself the food, I felt within, physiologically and mentally, the constant need for food that an animal needs. Being a privileged homosapien with grocery stores and all-season food available at almost any time of day, we get carried away with what is essentially primal to us, and take advantage of these needs. This is directly why there is so much unhealthy and non-nourishing food, developing from monoculture and processed food. It is no longer sacred to us, and we should hold it as such. Food is sacred, because food is growth (devoid of any pseudo-soul meaning here). If we don’t have it we’re fucked. A quote by Les Stroud repeated through my head several times, “Do you want to taste the best food in the world?, Just try going two days without it” After 36 hours I felt that I could have experienced all I really wanted, even though an astral out of body effect could have been had if the conditions and atmosphere were different. I had a proper meal after 38 hours. I did however find peace whilst on a walk in the park, sitting on an isolated rock in the dark with minimal clothing and the wind whipping around. I was more aware of my place in space, and this was maybe the most enlightening of all. I could feel things and was more rooted to the soil I walked on, the sensations of the cold, the sight of water glistening under a waning moon, the broken leaves tearing the fabric of the air, and the stillness when I closed my eyes. All of it was very nice

First Ganja experience

Last night I was able to partake in smoking some of our earth mother’s finest herbs. Having never had a deep rooted interest in experimenting with substances before (beside some flavored tobacco, tea and clove cigarettes) as I am somewhat anti-social, and skeptical. I had done a decent amount of reading about marijuana, enough to know what I could relatively expect. You might think this is irrelevant, because everyone tried it, why is this special? But ‘everyone else’ will smoke weed because it’s there, because they are mindless and feel that it is an initiation rite, because their personal lives are too boring and they use it to cope. Me, I have an awesome life. I struggle tons more than the normal human being, due for my ideologies and militant subversive nature, so I come to terms with those things through other means. I meditate, or do yoga, or take long isolated nature walks and try to understand the language of the animals. I don’t seek out these substance every day in order just to add it to a list of things I’ve smoked or drank. I never was seduced by a pre-packaged ‘enlightenment’ or ‘instant high’. These phenomena in life was be obtained organically. I also believe understanding your own body intimately is the first process before even trying anything that can induce an altered state of consciousness.

I started smoking the herbs while watching a documentary about the Tibetan Kalachakra initiations. The chanting and images of monks, and nature helped me get into the mood. The marijuana was not the most potent strain, but fine for a first time. I had not been breathing/inhaling it properly the first time, but eventually learned to make the smoke flow down my throat, breathing out the remnants and letting the tetrahydrocannabinol crystals work their essence through me. I still felt very material at this stage, but a filling in my heart region was taking place. The space inside kept expanding and moving upwards through my chakras, from the anahate to vishudda after about 20 minutes, then the ajna in another 10, and crown in another 5. Time was starting to mingle together, and fold in on itself.

For the next 20 minutes, I was feeling a mindfuck with my identity. I was on my bed at this time, looking at myself, at my limbs, and observing the way I was moving. I felt like I was my anima, in my female alter spirit that I have only ever been able to access through external sources like a photo, or hearing the voice of a woman, or sensual contact in some way with them. More specifically, I was in the body of my mate whom I have not met in person yet, and she lives in the UK, separated by a vast ocean. This felt rooted in the internal, even though the herb was coming into me. It grew inwards to outwards, not the other way around. The female spirit gracefully just took over me. I think this may have been a reaction of my inner need to connect to this divine female inside that is often suppressed despite my efforts, thus my body could have taken it’s form without restriction. Then came relaxation, and patience and the flow of my ideas.  I noticed I was speaking in a more zen-focused way, my movements were more subtle, yet moving across the fabric of life like pictures, and I felt more sexual from this point on to the rest of the night.

Without intention it seemed that my five bodily senses were set to be enhanced as well. I ate directly after this, in my room already filled with the plumes, and perceived the scents even more potent now. The food tasted fuller, similar to when you eat in the dark, the sensory deprivation automatically makes your taste feel stronger because it is stimulated more directly when you suppress the need to see what you are eating. An aspect of obeying a different law of physics came as well, while walking and standing. I had been going to a black metal concert this night, and whilst I walked or attained stillness, I observed that what was in front of me would reverse its axis, and it would appear behind me, or I would be turned around. I also felt an extreme sense of non-temporal life. Every moment was lasting three moments. On how I could envision this, it was like I was shifting identities with my normal self, my purely unconscious self, and an absence of me. These were divided equally, thus every third moment of ‘time’ I was normal, but during the anti-conscious moments, I would be left as animal, and the unconscious would create the cause and effect of that frame. (The unconscious has been studied adamantly to show it is the majority of our thinking power, and often overrides what we ‘think’ we do or know). I felt a comfort with the anti-conscious self and thus did not aim to disrupt it. The other third moment was an absent self, this was when all awakened activity would cease and I would forget portions of what was happening, but not so intense that I felt vulnerable. To say I perceived myself on a threshold between just enough and not far enough was humbling, because I had been able to control the self, but this time not from a strictly material self, but as if observing from the outside, and relying on patterned memory. The other thing that came to me was being in between two polar forces pulling me in both direction. There was a sphere of light emanating from my eyes (representing the material, living self, and the future), and another but darker sphere behind my head (representing the dead self, the past that no longer mattered). Both were tilted in a way so the lighter sphere pointed lightly upward and the duller one aimed towards the ground. Each were trying to drag me into that plane of existence while I was experiencing everything in the center, as the equilibrium.

Alas, I made it to the concert. The music immediately took on a higher plateau of sensory experience but with couple with the instinct of being non-attached. I could not get fully absorbed in it. The sexual feelings from the beginning of the night were still prevailing, and I had wild fetishes running through my head, while also less carnal feelings of what may be called love. It was love in some sense towards an identity connection which represented itself in the form of hundreds of metal rebels. I constantly wanted to speak, to tell someone what was going on, and possibly engage in one way or another, but could not. The instinct came heavy, yet my ironic lack of social skills made me timid. It felt almost tangible that I could not even when I wanted to, even though I know that is irrational thinking. The atemporal space was continuing, and it seemed the music lasted 3 times longer. I felt that I had been watching the bands for 3 hours instead of their pre-determined set times.

The on-setting feeling of loneliness, or gloominess came after I had returned home, but this might also be from just leaving a usually very stimulating atmosphere and then being taken away. The pre-experience downfall. In the morning I felt returned to normal, my old self, clear minded again and have acquired some Damiana, and Kava, with some Marijuana left from this use to induce with when the next time comes. And I will be sure to write if anything happens.