:RUNALJOD: Rune Cycle of the Year

Before our modern time keeping of the Gregorian calendar, our ancestors marked the Yule time as the birth of the new year. The period when Ýlir ended, (The Yule month), and Mörsugur began, (fat-sucking month), probably noteworthy for the end of the hunt, and the animal fats eaten during winter to keep the body healthy. This was the time when the Sun ‘died’, Baldr’s funeral, which in the Arctic of Iceland never come fully above the horizon for three days, until at last, the sun (baldr’s rebirth) hearkened the new year, and the light began to return to the polar skies.

Dauði Baldrs // The Death of Baldr // Śmierć Baldra

New years is a time in contemporary ages when people make resolutions that they usually end up breaking, or impossible goals with no grounding in reality or the capability of their own powers. Once these goals are broken, they tend to get lax for the rest of the year, a kind of profound apathy takes over, there is no true inner work being done, or self-reflection of one’s accomplishments after the year has turned and the reapings collected. In the Viking age, boasts were made by the men and women of what one has become in the short time of a year, of the 13 full moons of the cycle, toasts were made to the Gods, the ancestors, and the folk. Oaths were sworn, spoken over expensive gold arm rings, and these words were representative of a man’s worth and wyrd. I personally do not create new years resolutions in the modern way, though I do make them silently, and keep my goals mostly to myself. But for the past four years I’ve established a kind of rune wheel of the year in a view. All the notable events, experiences, lessons, ideas, relationships, novelty, the highlights and the murkiness, from a runic perspective. Now that we are well clear of the Yule month and the turning of the contemporary year 2018, I’ve made one for the year that is now sunken into urds well. The idea for this is originally from the Galdragildi, and I have made new modifications on it over the years, reflecting a kind of mytho-poetical world-view, as seeing and experiencing life as a story and personal mythology, it ismore than it appears to be. The runes are tools that I have enabled me to do that.


:fehu: found myself broke, very broke, and learned the hard way how to save it back up, deeper understanding of mobile wealth and economy, made first steps to acquiring bitcoin, sold some of my own books, photos and handmade products at events, found myself rich in life and the things that mattered beyond money

:ūruz: the power of hard work, starting over, the beginning of a new life, the domestication of consequence always has a wild and untamed ancestral spirit

:þurisaz: fought against giants and severe health problems, uncontrollable forces of wyrd, relationships turned as bitter seeds with dying fruit, the collective adversary of being one man estranged from the modern people,

:ansuz: met the Gods on my own terms, drank the mead of inspiration, and ingested of the agaric mushroom ally, kratom medicine, beekeeping, opened pathways of communication with new kin, journaling as a means of self-growth, deep meditation, conversed with those of high mind and nourished my own with literature and music, stadhagaldr and yoga/yoking practice, words have exact meaning and power

:raidō: traveled to Guatemala, Mexico, eastern and western Canada, the one who knows how to navigate the nine worlds carries a Vegvisir stave on his person

:kaunan: cut four cords of winter wood, sacrificed what I thought I knew to make room for novel ideas and information, put my body on the line for a higher purpose, as the broken sword is re-forged in the flames for Sigurd’s heroic undertaking

:gebō: gift economy and trade in central America, yule giving, the delicate balance of having just enough, and giving only what I can

:wunjō: the frith of time well spent with brother and sister, community lifestyle while living with a yoga school, entered a short lived but deeply spiritual and loving partnership, new connections with brotherhood/mannerbunde of my own neo-tribe

:hagalaz: faced death and ruin with humility and surrender, came back from the matrix of hail to  re-shape and reform myself along the branches of the yew

:naudiz: when need presented itself I was there to see it and meet its demands, the friction of facing reality while manifesting my own mythology,

:īsaz: essential solitude, and the consolidation of spent energy into rest and healing, sedentary living during a four month time span, the risk of being alone to truly understand what it means to be with the other

:jēra: gathered, foraged and farmed as much food as possible from the land being nearly 50% of my food, harvested sunflowers, vegetables, berries, roots, leaves, and mushrooms through the year, planted over 180,000 trees, and tended the soil of my southern Ontario lands, a seed sown sends a deep taproot and sends our foliage streaming sunwards

:eihwaz: the yew holds all my vices and virtues, it drips down like sweat, tears, and blood, back into the well, as one deed leads to another

:perþ: sometimes life writes it own rules and we are simply game pieces that play by them until we realize the control we actually have

:algiz: held personal boundaries, created new ones and transcended others, stood in reverence of the One, :EIK EINHAMR: being not of one skin

:sōwilō: a sun rune branded on skin, summer solstice spent in the forest garden, found success in new endeavors, became really good at being good at many things,

:tīwaz: maintain a thriving life in the inangard of my kin, while at times venturing out to the utangard to gain new perspectives of what was truly right, understanding the order and patterning of my own being and how to alter my fate in more efficient ways, shared honor in those who have bestowed me with respect, and sometimes harsh justice for those who went the other way

:berkanan: deep loving relationship with the divine feminine and the women who embody her, a more thorough understanding of the Baldr myth, chaga harvesting from Birch trees, explored the ancient and modern female archetypes, decided I want to have a wife

:ehwaz: as a passenger by life’s fetch I had time to view the scenery, and travel far to meet those who expected me

:mannaz: rites of passage, blot, brotherhood, explored the rabbit hole of primal masculinity and the male archetype in society and tribe, being a good man and being good at being a man

:laguz: life beside the sea, ritual taking at the oceanside, canoed in a southern mangrove with crocodiles, a trip to the high tides at the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, like flowing water nothing lasts or stays in one place

:ingwaz: sowed potent seeds to enact future dreams,

:ōþala: renovated guest houses in central america for travelers, found home in the escarpment area of Niagara, and stayed with others while out traveling the world,

:dagaz: at the end of the day, I regret nothing

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RUNA ov the year 2016

Each revolution around the sun marks another passage in time when the wyrd-weaving of man and his orlog is spun on the great loom, and soaked in the well. We live on the same earth as did our Teutonic forebears, and experience life through the vicarious balances of the phenomena of nature. How we interpret them is one of a different matter altogether, but one worth reflecting on. Since finding the old Gods laying deep in my soul four years ago, I have made a point to mark the calendric with the Runic wheel so to speak, and to guard each passing of time with the influence of their energies, which affect me directly. This one comes slightly late as I find myself in more remote areas of habitation in the jungles of Guatemala, the prospect of Runes, and European culture are alien here, yet still remain as ever present in the two ravens of my mind and memory.

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:F: Volunteered much of my time in a work exchange to earn my keep in board and lodging, made reliable and accountable allies through travel and trade, earned enough money through a harvest season to afford a trip through Scandinavia, and Ireland, new perspectives on personal power and the dynamics of wealth, learned about crypto-currencies and the changing of money
:U: Learned how to de-flesh, cure, and tan a bull, understanding the deeper importance of violence in man’s history, first time procuring meat by the knife for my own hunger, worked hard building stages for a festival in Norway
:TH: Exile while traveling, lost trust in friends, found confusion and chaos in the heart of a women, overbearing forces of my personal spirit forcing me to cut through illusions of self-knowing
:A: Psychedelic experience with various chemicals and plant medicines, Theobroma food of the Gods, poetry and journalism, started writing for a travel website, learned more Spanish, Swedish, Faroese, Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish, and Newfoundland language and dialect, visited the pyramid temples of Tonina
:R: Traveled extensively within Canada, Iceland, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Gotland, Ireland, and Mexico, and adapted to traveling lighter, spent my first winter away from the snows, took time off to explore domestic lifestyle
:K: Cooking extensively with fire in primitive camps, using wood fire to heat cabin home,
:X: Volunteer exchange with German family, Co-living with friends, traveling for the first time with another person, balancing borrowed time and money, traded or gifted several possessions, communal economy and mutual living in rainbow and ting gatherings, gifted my fishing knife at the grave mounds of the Viking Kings
:W: Found love, sought happiness in new places and questioned what it means to be truly fulfilled, finding different paths to having a life that enjoys me,
:H: Regenerating personal luck, dealing with illness without conventional help
:N: The struggle for survival with lack of funds, attempts to move to Australia
:I: Solitary life in off grid cabin, came to new terms of what it means to be alone, traveled on my own through Europe, lost relationships, refining intentions and focuses in life,
:J: Harvesting perennial fruits, foraging fruit in southern Mexico, experiencing summer season twice in one year, re-cycled natural and inorganic materials for sustainable housing
:P: The dark game of risk and rewards
:EI: Made personal strides in maturity, fitness, and skillset
:ALG: Equinox blot of the straw man, Cacao ceremony on winter solstice, Utiseta at the Uppsala barrows, ritual banishing and re-birth during mushroom ceremony, first LSD experience, meditations at the Borre mounds in Norway,
:S: midnight sun, extended summer, wise interaction with sun, learned more in depth about solar power, solar coffins and sun-cycles in permaculture
:T: problems with authorities in Ireland, new passport,
:B: met several beautiful women while traveling, sexual prowess, re-forged relationships with past lovers, mutual bonding with sisters,
:E: Spent time understanding the symbiotic relationships between man and animals in a primal way, co-farming with domestic livestock to achieve work,
:M: claiming masculinity and brotherhood, quality time with male friends, tribalism
:L: hot springs and lagoons in Iceland, canoeing in small remote lakes of Canada, traveled by ferry from Iceland to Faroe Islands and by boat in Vancouver island and Sweden, lived on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of North America, and experienced several European bodies of water
:ING: farming in grasslands, picking fruit in the border valley of Canada, expanded knowledge of permaculture and perennial fruits
:D: worked on making my days more efficient, living through paradoxical schemes and energies, probed deeply into the shadows and opposites of familiar concepts and ordinary life
:O: Found a new home in Newfoundland, visited old dwellings in Canada and stayed with family, built earthships in the Rocky mountains, stayed in a Viking village

á ári í rúnir: a year in runes


third year tradition for writing one of these. how it goes is that you write out each rune and list the aspects of the rune’s influence on your year in as many angled ways as possible. this year I am using the icelandic/norse runes of the younger futhark.

  • fé: traveled for 5 months without any money, the other 7 months with saved finances from treeplanting, used 9 different world currencies
  • úr: had to face many adversaries like banks, foresty industries, laymen, hostel owners, family members and learn how to deal with them
  • Thurs: tattoo alteration of thurs rune, compensated and healed from harsh elemental conditions, and dominating male energy
  • As/Oss: given work from the aesiric deities to practice on earth, storytelling to earn my way into peoples hearts
  • reið: scotland, england, wales, morocco, spain, iceland, denmark, norway, mexico, canada, altered states of consciousness
  • kaun: injuries, kindled romantic new relationships
  • hagall: suffered the verbal abuse of many men and women, tried to see the matrix of real violence in society
  • nauðr: at times needed hospitality and female understanding, as well as funds or shamanic healing
  • ísa/íss: stagnation while traveling through mexico, relationships also seemingly frozen in time
  • ár: abundance of friends and personal time in balance, new prospects of work and future travel possibilities, plant and animal allies; honey, salvia, cannabis, mushrooms, lsd, cactus hummingbirds, coyote, wolf, white hart, stag, cattle, owl, cat,
  • sól: extended summer, planted fruit trees and vegetables and watched them grow, long hours spent in the sun and finding my inner light, temazcal sweat lodge
  • Týr: karma cleaning
  • björk/bjarkan/bjarken: seeing the goddess in the female, many new woman allies, medicine
  • maðr: brother companions and male support, new perceptions of my own manlihood
  • lögr: crossed the Gibraltar sea and Tangier waters, ferry ride from iceland to faroe islands to denmark to norway, became a stronger swimmer, lived on the pacific coast of mexico, lived on the Copenhagen canal, paddled down a Norwegian fjord to the sea, and a ferry ride in a northern fjord, true flow with synchronic life, lived on the shores of a loch in Scotland, and beside the Irish sea in Wales.
  • ᛦ yr: immense individual maturity, quenching of vice, movement into personal power, growing new branches into new areas of life and my paththere you have it, one more lap around the sun.


FUTHARK calendar reflections

Last year, I wrote on of these posts about self reflection interpreted through the :Runes of the Futhark: https://aferalspirit.wordpress.com/2014/01/03/futharkreflections/
so keeping tradition in the aim to inspire others to do the same, here is one for 2014.


Achieved third degree apprentice in the Galdragildi. Left Gild at a later time. Accepted into the Rune Gild as an Associate, and later named Apprentice by a Gild master. Managed to travel almost constantly on what I had saved from England, with some support of others along the way. Raised almost five grand with an ex-friend to put towards buying a new cabin for her land. Worked my salt on a wine farm, a tobacco and herb farm, and in a bushcamp, even if it meant earning a peasant wage. Had all money stolen while hitchhiking, and forced to return to baseline. Survived 2 days Iceland on less than 2500 kroners. Hopped trains, ferrys, boats, cars, and bikes for free. Stayed without a bank account for ten months, then opened a temporary one. Donated to Survival International. Earned decent money in Scotland. Gave to the homeless.


Finished writing a heathen fitness regime. challenged myself to train, wrestle, and perform. Sheer determination through the thick. Sloughed off fear when hitting bottom. Held suffering in one hand and victory in the other. Hustled and bargained. Conquered and condemned weakness.


Faced the great enemies of the logging industry, the department of Homeland security, the Police, the demon in Man, and the cruel beings of society. Left social media networks behind me. Devised weapons of mind to resist. Strengthened the body to defend. Helped in the battle with loved ones against their own struggles. Became further active at.war.

Commenced writing a Saga. Finished another book. Wrote several journals. Came into heightened awareness of the Gods and Goddesses of old. Kept up with reading 2-5 books at any one time. Participated in a Saga discussion tradition within my Gild during yulenights. Learned many new words and used them in everyday speech. Writ letters, received some, and kept in steady contact with friends afar.


Northern England. Virginia. Vermont. Washington. California. Arizona. New Mexico. Texas. British Columbia. Ontario. Quebec. Nova Scotia. Cape Breton. Newfoundland. Iceland. Isle of Bute. Isle of Arran. Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland.

Learned how to properly snowshoe through the mountains. Used power tools with skill. Learned how to harvest honey, milk goats, build drystone walls, drive a tractor, and renovate cabins. Given a lesson on deep sea fishing. Stadhagaldr routines. Cooked food using fire for over a month. Filled life with the most intensity I could handle, and then some. Apostasy. Sacrifice. Rites.


Gifts of love, given and taken away. Handcrafted talismans made for others. Worked out the dynamics of four separate lover relationships. Exchanged, with anyone and everyone I could by whatever means I could.


Euphoric nights in the desert. Blissful landscapes in the North. Love and Sex ecstasies. The deep inner peace of the soul. Experienced the warmth of those who proved to be true comrades. Wanderlust. Good company.


life seriously uprooted more times than I choose to remember. banned from an entire country. trouble with the ‘law’. revelations of the real. relocated 24 times. Extreme situations. Near death experiences.


Felt the deep need for camaraderie, and solitude at the same time, paradoxically. Made use of existing implements happiness instead, when money somehow became relevant for survival. Trusted. Trusted. Trusted. And it served me well.


Downtime on the journey. Loneliness. Isolation. Reduced the Self to simpler means. Built myself up. Experienced coldness on three different levels at once.


Foraged for mushrooms, farmed grapes, and other fruits for an Indian man. Picked apples in valleys. Rewilding of sacred medicinals, Henbane and Morning glory. Animal husbandry of Goats, Sheep, Ram, Bees, Highland Cows, Dogs, Pig, Rabbits, Hens. Cat. Buried old selves. Spent time outdoors every day of the year. Met farmers around the world.


Reaped old vices. Rose to new virtues. Repeated the mantra of Self to Self. Identified trees in the wild.


Altered states of consciousness. Experienced and tried Mexican dream herb. Lost runes, then buried the rest. Decided to confer more with the murky details of each occasion for a more holistic understanding of the now. Asked a load of questions. Healing spells on others. Made medicines with wine, and ganja and rebirthed an apothecary with a lover.


Sheltered and protected a broken woman on the run, a comrade and his family, a lover and her losses, animals from their murderers, and a brother seeking his brother. Altruism. Banishings. Uncovered the hidden dynamics of this Rune itself.


卐 Found my sun within and without. :ARAHARI: Found light in dark places. Watched the rise and set 卍


Made offerings to Tyr, and lived by my own laws. Kept with herbivore diet, to respect the animals. Met a Libra. Looked for the equilibrium in all things.


The green Goddess. Met all kinds of women, and they met me. Swore loyalty to the female.


Plant allies: marijuana. mexican dream herb. barley. damiana. opium. tobacco. coffee. tea. patchouli. wormwood. mandrake. pollen. grapes. fly agaric. sage. cactus. clovers. wild corn. henbane.


Gild. Brothers. Clan. Comrades. Relationships. Strangers. Friends.


Cleansing of lesser traits. Periods of abstinence. Keeping flow of momentum and letting gravity assist me. Visit to Niagara Falls. Swam in Salmon pools in rivers. First experience deep sea fishing.


Planted trees in British Columbia and Scotland. Birch, Spruce, Pine, Oak, Rowan, and Hawthorne. Sowed cabbage, lettuce, potatoes, kale and other culinaries. Harvested apples, nectarines, cherries, peaches, sage and domestic herbs. Planted henbane in Newfoundland. Built gardens. Sent seeds abroad, and used my own seed in ritual.


Studied the culture of the Peyoteros, learned about the Mexican struggle, the Moroccan peasantry, and the Scottish clan system. Experienced some of the finest Maritime hospitality. Invited into houses, tipis, cabins, campers, tents, and bedrooms. Made homes for the animals. Lived and slept in forests, and mountains, on farms, at coastsides, under trees, beside highways, in a cave, on the front seat of a derelict pickup, in a teepee, firelit cabins, fancy homes, barns, friends bedrooms, basements tents, on strangers couches, bush camps, studio floors, on boats, tribal land, native reserves, in a gypsy van (twice), under the stars and in public parks, with lovers and without. And offered a sense of place to those who were lost. Experimented with Animist music project.


Took on ample personal projects. Living All The Way Alive. and inspired others did the same. Created fond memories from all times of the year.




A Primordial and Recurrent :Guild:

Within the wyrd of the gild, there is formula of central tenets that must be actualized for the community to grow. This bastion of sentimental, customary, material and tribal catalysts are like the bones and blood of the Eternally Recurring Gild. In the traditional school, kindred is made through individuals coming into contact, and frith is dependent on this contact. It is through natural means that contact is made, both with the individual and his or her ancestors, and the individuals with each other. Operating through a genetic link in a long line back to ones forebears, the apprentice begins to take on the ancestral guidance of the collective ancestor. Each person also hears through initiation, the language of the runes spoken to them from the Alfather, and experiences an organic revelation, a calling to heed the Northern way. In the guild, the teachings are based on esoterica, and secret or time accrued knowledge, but it is not tru to say that this esoteric system is willfully ‘chosen’ in the sense that most of us understand it. It is not a system that can be selected with free well, but instead the gods and goddesses have chosen US to be the purveyors and carriers of the tradition. We exist in sacral, separate time when we commune with the gods, and immediately understand that our actions in this world now take on living circumstance. We have superseded, the descendants of Odin, and Freyja, because in our very nature we are mortal, but our purpose has been handed down, and now they expect us to fulfill it. The runes are within us, and within the all, and to deny this truth is too deny ourselves. In the gild, one does not ‘get’ the runes, he unearths them, and sees them as already present, but they are not within everyone. With ones DNA comes more than physical traits, and behavioral patterns, there is also the spiritual continuance, and the heritage. We were shaped from the beginning of time by the consciousness of Odin and his brothers, Vili and Ve, and thus we are also Odin-conscious, able to access the Hamingja of the wise old man through Seta. The anthropological links to these divine (AEsir) and semi-divine (Vanir) beings, endows us with evolutionary relations to higher beings. Through mythological narrative, we shape our lives, ‘Ek skapa lifa mer’. First we analyze the objective rede of the passed down teachings. As the most ancient schools all preserve the custom of passed down wisdom, through literature, or story, or symbolism and metaphor, we use these methods as a tool to understand our own universe. Then subjectively, as the apprentice begins to become more aligned with the complex of the Germanic soul, he or she goes off on their own tangent and explores the subjective realms… to be continued