Dagaz ᛞ


Dagaz, crepuscular stave emitting refined light

Polarity of sensual and ontological phenomena

Diurnal guardian, revealing form, field, and fen

Beautiful paradox, to a cyclic circle of radiant mysticism

A divine twin are ye not?

Ingwaz ᛝ


Ingwaz, seed and sower of fertility

Embryonic cult of land and lay

Breeding in the undergrowth of the Van

Provider to those vagabonds of wild regions

And the hunter gatherers who know thine mark

Laguz ᛚ


Laguz, primordial waters deep

Container of growth and replenishment

Fjord, river, lake and sea

All the fluidity of a rushing torrent, and the gentleness of a single drop

Sentient substance, Brimrunar

Churning and churning

Mannaz ᛗ


Mannaz, blood of my blood

Drengskapar, godhead, offspring

Perfected temple, holding the lik as material experiencer

Ancestral incarnation through :ᛗ: stave

My limbs, my hair, my senses,

The transitional history of branch first, to branch end

Life of evolution, towards the elite

Ehwaz ᛖ


Faring forth on Ygg’s trunk

Bestial traveler of the nether

Swift current, astral bearer, Farandi

Totem fetch of earth, sky, and ground

Let me mount you with might and purpose

That I might go far by your path

Berkano ᛒ


Berkano, mother of stick and stone

Constructor of cave and oasis

An earth cult at your throne of worship

I am denizen of your creation in mutual embrace

Praxis of grounding passage

Nourishing on the threads of life

Tiwaz ᛏ


Tiwaz, avatar supreme construct

Flesh given in sacrifice unto high

Laced with divine purpose of your north facing form

Prospect of elite seers, a moral course

Altruistic, found only in the cultivation of the gild

Crossing a rubicon when provoked

And returning the balance of class

Sowilo ᛊ


Sowilo, spin the hvels for the reptilian chariot to ride

Blaze with sacred halo on the sevenfold path of transition

Fractured into the colored roads of Bifrost by your own effulgent light

Potent life force of the body vessel

And all creatures and flora who reign in your cult

Algiz ᛉ


Algir, wild unrestrained creature

Caller of the supreme of habitation

Hailed praise from two tines

Drawing ethereal eliteness downwards and inwards

Vulnerability to the highest to gain defense

Perthro ᛈ


Perthro, third eye occult vessel

Cognitive, yet existential teacher

To cast and organize the causal woe

Knower of thine own special thread

Philosopher of ages past, momentous and afar

Wyrdstaf for the sleeping soul