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After a long hiatus and some adjustments to the site I have reopened my Mimirs Head bookstore, with updated information on the titles, and new Scandinavian design. In the plans is another book of collected essays and transmissions from my other authored blog: zeitgeistoftheubermensch.wordpress.com Check out Mimir’s Head bookstore for a selection of my self-published books, and written gild works. Orders can be made with paypal or bitcoin.

Nature Loves Courage, on Travel Writing, and Journalism.

Like aged whiskey, the stories of my travels over the ages of my mid adulthood have grown in novelty, pleasure, rarity, and sometimes even believability. One of my most important and valuable possessions is a pencil, and a journal. Without these two seemingly mundane things, and a healthy mind, I would rarely be able to recall all the intimate details, the stages of growth, the works of my life, and the places I have been, in as much closely held accord, to my imagination and my memory. This blog alone has been going for over four and a half years now, and started out in my treeplanting days, when I lead a gypsy life on the roads of northern Ontario, but unlike many infamous travelers who might have been seeking something specific, I was just on a mission. I wanted to back myself with money, so I could kindle an entire lifestyle rooted in travel. And this is essentially what I am still doing, just a few months shy of four years living a nomadic world traveling life, well, when I can afford such flights of fancy.

Whenever I earn $1000, I feel rich again, the world has opened its arms to me, and I am free to wander. This kind of money would get me nowhere with a city life, after paying rent, various kinds of bills, internet, laundry, groceries, and all the unpleasantness that come with domestic living, I would be lucky to have $100 left. Sure one can find some work to do in your locality, but the fundamental questions seep in through the mind ‘full employment, or full enjoyment’? Are you happy, and what is your quality of life? Or have you traded every truth for hollow victories, every adventure for ephemeral comfort and a false sense of security? This is why I have taken my own personal oath to learn how to hack into these secrets of a traveling, engaging, cultured, intelligent, arousing, and educating lifestyle on the road (or sea, rail, air), while also earning a little coin on the side. And this is what has brought me more over the past three years especially to travel writing, and then into more public outputs in the last two months. I read with a voracious appetite, all about places I want to go, old travel accounts by the timeless personalities like; Muir, Allen Ginsberg, Thoreau, Castaneda, Ernesto Guevara, but just as much from the traveling tribe of today.

Terence McKenna, after he asked the mushroom about nature said “Nature Loves Courage”, and then asked how does Nature responded to courage “By removing obstacles”. It takes a tremendous amount of trust and bravery to do this, because you become intimately aware that the future is so uncertain. You have to sacrifice immensely, and keep sacrificing if all you have is your story, a change of clothes, some kind of documenting tool, and a few sentimental things to entertain your sanity. Tim Leary also said repeatedly” Neuro-geography,  the concept that where you are, determines who you are. And the two most important things about you is the year you were born, and your zip code. Because the generation you were born into, imprints your reality mode”. The younger generation today I see is traveling a lot more, they are getting fed up with unemployment, and the dreaded university routine struggle, and taking full years away from their home soil to go explore other cultures, countries, participate in festivals, or live abroad. I have met countless individuals, roughly around my age, who are freewheeling or tramping around the world, and they all have their story, most of them write, or photograph, or use video to make footage and document their experiences. Rarely is the older generation this perspicacious in this mode of travel. Rarely do those I meet make solid plans, and if they do, they are usually only finalized the night before, or the morning of, with loose ideas of where they want to go, but the point being, they remain open and susceptible to raw experience of the felt moment of the here and now, and immediacy of authentic being in relationship to place.

For me, as I slowly kindle the flames which ideally in 1-2 years will let me travel with relative comfort, and continuity to any country, and write about my unique experiences there, have them published, and then take time to intake it all while getting paid is a dream I think is worth chasing, and one that most people only fetishize and fantasize about. This has truly been my seed mission since the beginning. I realized that I am most efficient, and most intelligent when traveling, my mood states are higher, my love is flowing, my sense of self is firmly grounded yet leaving space for cultural sensitivity to influence my growth, the personal tremors of anxiety, depression, loneliness are almost non existent, alright maybe that last one, but at least I know that if I don’t like my situation, I can change it. Of course again this all comes at cost. So how does one master this and maintain the equilibrium needed. This existential question seems to provoke a lot of overwhelming feelings, and forces you to look at your current paradigms for living now. What is your everyday occupation and how does that sit with your innermost desires? Are you doing what you love for a living, or are you serving someone else with no reward? Are your habits in line with the relevant skills and gifts you can use to interact with the world? I started taking pictures only six years ago, not a long time at all, but I think what is special about this is that I have never felt I had lost the art of doing it. The act of taking a picture the way only I could see it, or bringing a timeless view on a mundane scene, and capturing unique shots of over-photographed subjects. It’s in the doing that excites me. I have noticed this, just from not having a camera for several months, though there have been countries I have deliberately went without one, for instance in Mexico. Yet having that tool available and ready to me all the time has often sent me miles beyond my living space to find or search for something that is new and novel to me; a plant, a natural park, an animal I have not yet met, a friend. Currently I just use one of these ‘indestructible’ cameras that are freeze-proof, shock proof, sand and dust proof, and works under water or in the rain. It is compact and has served me well through, Vancouver Island, Iceland, the Scandinavian countries, and part of Europe. Co-incidentally my past incarnations of camera have broke down due to these exact reasons.

Over the past weeks I have also started writing for a new start up company called Myadzo a travel blog, that is something like a mix between tripadvisor, instagram and lonely planet, as the entrepreneur who started it described to me. You can find some of my recent posts and journal entries there, where I use the same moniker ‘aferalspirit’. To have these outlets, though I have not taken them yet to the point where I get paid. In what has taken me over three years to even build up enough consistency, reputation, and portfolio of work both in photography (journey of the seer) and written volume, namely from this blog and a personal work blog (forebears fires), I encourage others with travel writings, and photography of your journeys to take on these same prospects, in much less time. I also welcome collaboration, if we happen to be traveling together, invites to other countries to do assignments, and photography missions, or documenting some unique cultural practices. I am not into the touristy scheme that has you go around to every coffeehouse in Paris to find the best espresso, and has you rate the National art Gallery of Prague, so on and so forth. I believe these scheduled and regimented experiences of a country are cheapened, and hinder a true expressionistic and sometimes risky trip into lands unknown, which always end in such brilliant stories that no one else can replicate.

I am working on a potential travel in the Central American lands, which I am keeping pretty hushed about, because I am still unsure if I can put it together, and when I can go, but I will surely be writing as often I can about future trips in the world, as my military rucksack takes on more weathered flag patches, and my hands tire from the constant typing and penciling of my escapades, I just continue to nourish the will to keep moving, and build up a lifetime that will be remembered, and something to tell the youth of later generations, to understand what is impossible in my own being, and always seek to remember that tomorrow is truly unknown to me.

Nothing is true, everything is permitted ~ William S. Borroughs – Yage letters

Nature Loves courage.

any independent travel magazines, documentaries, or agents who might want to sponsor me, please contact me about assignments or travel writing and journalism opportunities at: seektherunes24@gmx.com

Reforesting Eastern Australia

There are some folks who are able to live without money, (rare) and even travel through the world without existing on the monetary system. This has always been a dream for me, but not really realistic or at least too far ahead still yet for my capabilities and wisdom of how to make it happen. Fortunately, I do alright with very little, and just try to spend what I have responsibly and with good intentions. As I see how money can corrupt and is it at the roots of most world issues, and it is tempting to leave it, but it can be daunting. I usually rely an the old codes of gift economy, exchanging my gifts for monetary support, volunteering my service, trading systems, and funding. It is a humble lifestyle without excess and luxury that doesn’t always work, and I am still figuring out the mechanics of it all. This brings me to something I have been putting into the works since February…
I’m trying to move from this island (Newfoundland) before the winter hits to go plant trees in Eastern Australia. This is my next big project and I can’t do it alone. I’ve created a fund for anyone who would love to help me. It is hard enough finding work in my own country, as the farming and fishing season is over, and the building year is coming to end. All visas are in place to move to Australia to work with the folks at Timberwolf. Help me in this mission, and support something larger than myself, an effort to bring back native animal habitat and large forest in the surroundings of Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and New South Wales.

The Mission: Travel to Eastern Australia to restore natural forest and create native habitat in both rural and urban areas through large scale reforestation, private land and landscaping.

What for: Any money raised from this will go toward the project. The flight from Canada to Australia, basic hostel accomodations, forestry gear, field specific training, and transportation costs. I am looking to make this happen with a start date during the Australia summer (December-February)

Where: Queensland territory:  New South Wales, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne.

Why: Finding public and community support to back me on this objective for planting thousands of trees to restore the balance of a healthy ecological function to Eastern Australia. To help me on my way to complete this job to return beauty to the country, and green spaces to the city, and in the process building a new sustainable example for commercial forestry.

I plan on spending up to 6 months in Australia on this project, in order to plant enough trees to make a noticeable difference. Using modern Canadian tree planting techniques, it is possible to plant 2000-4000 seedlings per day. It is non-invasive to the environment and does  not require heavy machinery, or destructive techniques that disturb animal habitation. Instead it is a smart, efficient, and non-confrontational method of planting, using only a shovel, bags, and fertilizer. I can not do this alone, and seek the donations of those who recognize the importance of healing damaged and exploited areas of this earth. For those who read my blog at aferalspirit.wordpress.com you are already familiar with my field of work in permaculture, rewilding and bringing forests back, as well as my documentation of indiginous peoples from my travels.

I don’t want to just ask for money without giving anything back, and I want to give people the possibility of supporting me if they feel they want to. I will be making a textually narrated photo album with selections from my latest travels, and stories in the coming months to provide to those who would like to own one. I have always wanted to put one of these together, and possibly in the future I can self publish it.

If you like what I’m doing with my life, what I write about, or if I inspire your dreams to come alive, to travel, to take an adventure or you just enjoy reading about my adventures, your energies, thoughts and donations are extremely valued to me.

$10 I will have your name on a personal honor page on my blog of contributors
$50 I will write a personal email to you and mention on blog of contributors
$100 personal email, mention on blog, letters of progress from the work, and digital version of ‘photostory’ album
$200 personal email, mention on blog, letters of progress from the work, photos of the land, & digital version of ‘photostory’ album from travels
$500 personal email, mention on blog, letters of progress, photos from the land, & digital version of ‘photostory’ album from travels, and a handmade gift

I am interested to get involved with travel and culture magazines out there who may want to support this journey too! And I am always happy to hear from you with feedback, insights, or recommendations of places I see myself traveling to next, namely Australia.

Here is a story from a fellow world traveler who wrote and made a video about his tree planting experience in Tumut, Australia, and the link below to my ‘gofundme’page.

Re:wild Eastern Australia

Australia: The hardest job in the world

Stick and Poke Tattoos Dublin/Cork

Just a word out to any followers in the Republic of Ireland, around the areas of Dublin, Cork/Munster, Wicklow, and the rest of Leinster. I’ll be offering stick and poke tattoos if you make it worth my while. I’m moving in on September 09 and staying approximately a month. You could come to me or we can work something out if I travel. Willing to do some simplistic stuff like; runes, letters, symbolism, numbers, nothing too complex, but anywhere goes. Preferably we do it in an outdoor setting, for hygienic reasons. Message me if you want me to mark you for life.

The Heathen Eclectic Library

I have amassed a collection of rare books, discontinued works, transcripts from scholarly summits, symposiums and conferences, eddas, the icelandic and norwegian sagas in 6 different languages, indo-european studies, germanic heathen journalism, rune poems and rune tomes, ‘magic’ books, and language sources for icelandic, anglo-saxon, gothic, and old norse with translations to english. These also include a few of my published works, Runaz Sterno Skiwo (a book on a Nordic cosmology and runic star system), and Pillars of Ygg (a health and fitness regime). I have been collecting these works, books, and texts for near a decade with several works penned from involvement in different gild curriculums. I want to provide these to the heathen community, not charging for any authorized works but a reasonable to compensate for my own works, and the collection of several years of organizing this library. There are literally hundreds of .pdfs here which I will make into a disc for anyone interested. $30 is the asking price.

A Call to my American Brothers and Sisters

Since my exile from the Divided States of America some 16 months ago, I have lost touch with a few brothers and sisters out there, and because this is my only online social presence next to my photography site, the other outlets of email have not proven reliable, so this is a call to those lost but not forgotten allies, if you are still reading these journals out there, or you find this post somewhere in the internet maze, write a little note here and let a brother know so we can re-connect and let the others know: tristan emmerick, sam zermeno, jazmen elaine, saga sowilo, ryan kirkeby (horns), si darkwood, bo burke, va di (forest), lugh gnosis.

Four years from now, I want to plan a reunion, somewhere up in Alaska.



Re:Wilding Scottish Wilderness

This year, Braydon Wolfshaman, will be looking to overwinter in Scotland, and plant trees on the western coast, in Argyll and Dunoon.


After a successful half season by Wolfshaman last year in Northumberland, and planting in the Kielder forest, the largest manmade forest in the UK, he is looking to return, for six full months to Rewild the Scottish west, near to the highlands. He will likely be planting predomiantely Scott’s pine, and White and Black Spruce, and other native tree species of Scotland. The land of Argyll, and Dunoon is near to the highlands, and across the waters from the isle of Mull.

This fund is founded on a community effort of close kin and friends for mutual support to make this effectual for this year. Five hundred dollars will make this mission happen and will not be for anything related to me. This would cover accommodations for the first two weeks in the Scottish village, planting gear; the planting bags, forester caulk boots, and rain gear for the gales, and basic wares for working in the woods.

Supporting this would mean you are supporting a much greater ethic. The work will take place from November until April, and other money collected from the project will be donated to various organizations such as Survival, A.T.W.A. groups, Wolf and Wildlife sanctuaries, or put towards the preservation of Indigenous global heritage. For those making offerings in specific amounts, Wolfshaman will be writing special honorable mentions on his aferalspirit.wordpress.com site, with photos of the planted land, and the amount of trees dedicated in your name. A special gesture or rite in your honor and personal commemorations and photos sent to you in return. Knowing that your monetary donations are supporting the rewilding of a historic landscape, and giving habitat back to the native fauna of Scotland; Red Deer, Red squirrel (who are starting to come back from the disease brought by the Grey squirrel), lynx, beaver and elk and creating shade for fungal growth and ground flora.

Last year, over 20,000 trees were planted by Wolfshaman in a short one and a half month season. During a six month gig in Argyll, the aim is a fifth to a quarter million trees to be planted judging by past years in Ontario. I, Braydon am eternally grateful for any and all of your efforts in assisting with this misson.

Donations of $25 will earn you a personal mail of honorary gratitude, a selection of photos from the planted land, notes/status of the work, and the pride of knowing that thousands of new trees were planted with your support

Donations of $50 will earn you a personal mail of honorary gratitude, a selection of photos from the land, notes/status of the work, and a dedication with the number of trees planted in one day in your name on the aferalspirit.wordpress.com site

Donations of $100 will earn you a personal mail of honorary gratitude, a selection of photos from the land, notes/status of the work, and a dedication with the number of trees planted in one day in your name on the aferalspirit.wordpress.com site, and a special gesture or rite made in your honor at the land.

Anything above this will be received with the same, and one of the seedlings (roughly 1 foot in length) mailed to you.

All offers are taken in high rehards, and are made knowing that all money is in support of rewilding and protecting a historic land, a way of life, and other environmental groups, directly and indirectly. Other ways you can support are of course sharing it around with those of like mind, who may be inclined to.

With Sincerity,
Braydon :Wolfshaman:

The Seed of Creativity

If you want to know more about the person animal I am, and think a conversation or more is at hand, look into these outer journals and outlets that I also keep or send me an email, at seektherunes24@gmx.com, I really appreciate them.

For my philosophy journal, which is a mine of other ideological/self-reflective essays, texts, and speeches enter here: thezeitgeistofman.wordpress.com/

My self published library of written books (not available on Amazon yet), including things I have written for the Rune Gild and the :Galdragildi: http://mimirshead.bigcartel.com/

Old Cvlt Nation posts: http://www.cvltnation.com/author/braydon/

I am a photo fiend, and love to explore the land, see the animals and capture important moments in my life. A lot of wilderness, event photography, folk culture, urban abandonment, travel, fauna/flora, and the others arts like yoga: http://journeyoftheseer.tumblr.com/

Old author page on WotanKlan (may not be active) wotanklan.net/author/wolfshaman/

Handwritten underground black metal zine from back in the day issuu.com/herrgrimm/docs/die_hard

& a fitness blog with ancestral craft, my workout method ‘Pillars of Ygg’, Centurion Method posts, paleo recipes, and skill building forebearsfires.tumblr.com/

My first foray into ‘published’ travel writing on Myadzo, a new site that is a fusion of lonely planet, instagram and trip advisor. This is my author page: http://myadzo.com/index.php/user-items/created/1-blog/840-a-feral-spirit


Worshippers of Terra

These are all groups that are activists, artists and writers for the protection, conservation, and replenishment of air, trees, water, and animals (and all other nature) as well as upholding traditional pagan ideologies, spiritual animists, anarchists, biodiversity groups, breeding programs, and educational ambassadors. I support some of these whether it be physically, spiritually, with symbolic adoption or participating in verbal protest. It is the way of the animist to redefine ourselves by the ways of our animal ancestors, our land, and understanding of nature. If you have a reverence for other sentient life, are anti-medical testing, you have plants or a garden, enjoy nature walks, are interested in biology, plan to become self-sustaining, practice any nature worshiping spirituality or only curious to alter your life in a positive way, this is relevant to you. There may also be interesting documentaries here pertaining to nature.

Brinkman Reforestation- tree planting group for northern Ontario and BC : http://www.brinkmanforest.ca/
Treeline Resorestation- tree planting group for northern Ontario and BC: http://www.treeline.on.ca/
UKWCT – symbolic adoption and wolf sanctuary for currently 12 wolves and supporting conservation projects of wild wolves http://ukwct.org.uk/index.php?page=projects

WWUK – symbolic adoption and wolf sanctuary not open to the public http://www.wwuk.org/

Bioregional Animism – journal about identity with place http://www.bioregionalanimism.com/

Green Wolf – shamanic items, art, and pagan costume artifacts made from animal parts rescued from waste as fashion product or trophy hunting http://thegreenwolf.com/

Flight of the Condor – Shamanhood: http://www.kondor.de/indexe.html

Primates Specialist Group – research on the ecology and conservation of hundreds of primate species — monkeys, apes, lemurs and their many nocturnal relatives http://www.primate-sg.org/red_list_threat_status/

BBC Earth – the most comprehensive list of BBC nature documentaries, download them if you can find them: http://bbcearth.com/programmes/

Land Share – For people with land that need users or those seeking land to tend: http://landsharecanada.com/

Anarchist News – self explanatory, anti communist, anti government, anti political: http://www.infoshop.org/

Homesteading/Survivalism – tips, practices, info and inventions for self-sustainability, cabin building, growing, canning, hydroponics, organic food making, survival skills etc.: https://www.facebook.com/homesteading?ref=stream

WWOOF – this is for the UK but it is in many countries. A volunteer run project to help people find work on farms, practice ecologically friendly lifestyles and hands on experience http://www.wwoof.org.uk/

Findhorn – Ecovillages for sustainable living: http://www.findhorn.org/aboutus/ecovillage/sustainable-living/#.UIOglFEYJqB

Incendiary Arts – dispersal of wild botanicals and herbs, essential oils and incense for spiritual growth: http://www.incendiary-arts.com/catalog/
Hamilton’s Pharmacopoeia – travels of a wild drug enthusiast to find exotic medicinal and mind altering substances:http://www.vice.com/hamiltons-pharmacopeia

Green Wolf: Shaman mutt in Portland creating extravagant animal artwork, masks, headdresses and ritual items using found animal parts, taxidermy, fur trade discards, vintage fur, etc. She is also an author of many pagan books http://thegreenwolf.com/

Green Is The New Red: Will Potter, a social solidarity supporter and journalist blogging about how environmental activist are labeled as eco-terrorists. Documenting the corruption in the political system, and enlightenment on global anarchist practice http://www.greenisthenewred.com/blog/

Sensual Animist: A lot of practical knowledge about shamanistic practices, sensuality, animism and eco-psychological articles. http://sensualanimist.com/

Bioregional Animism: poetry, articles, ideas from animistic points of view, philosophy and art, and journal communique. http://www.bioregionalanimism.com/

ATWA Earth: a tumblr to spread information about sustainable living. The ideas of Charles Manson and the A.T.W.A. and the savoir greening project, as well as useful biology, petitions and rewilding tips. http://atwaearth.tumblr.com/

Pacific Wild: Defend the stronghold of wildlife and their habitat on Canada’s Pacific coast by implementing solution-based conservation strategies. Pacific Wild supports innovative research, education, community outreach and awareness for protection in the lands and waters of the Great Bear Rainforest against tar sands infrastructure, and fracking. http://www.pacificwild.org/site/take_action.html