Nature is all thou creation

The one thing worth calling God

It is the root and the burning life, the one surrounding your sights.

No false religious lies to behold, they are weak!

The true nature exists for eternity

White capped forests!

The sun chases the moon!

Cold penetrable soil of mother earth

A revelry for the carnal to see…

I stand proudly atop your scape and contemplate the vast beyond

This is where I bred, and where I learnt the secrets

Shining rivers mirrors something pure

When aeons were still in the womb, you were here!

Never passing…

Eternal in the singular mind, possessive

From an epic journey passed stained time

High mountains are your towers of wisdom,

And in the constellations this night there is a cleansing

It is out there in the deep of night and deep of day

The one alive and awake

:Wolfshaman: 2263 R.E.

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