Neo-Runes: Skiptir



Biology: Speciation

Hindu essence: avatars

Galdr: (skyp-tyr)

Bardic rune (no alpha or numerical value)

Referring to an older post of mine on the concept of neo-runes, and discovering within, as a vitki, the qualities and mysteries of new runes that are applicable to my life in the current age. I have seen had one of these meditations, unveiling this stave for me, that did not seem to already fit in the FUTHARK. The esoteric meaning has come from personal reflection of my life, but it’s objective value may also be useful for other high and like minded people. The rune is called Skiptir, and is Icelandic for division, or divide. It can be drawn with opposite branches, thus the mirror image, or with curved branches. The two smaller tines at the top are pictographic of two small nodes, and the whole stave like a primitive picture of a plant, dividing itself.

My personal description of it is as follows: Skiptir is the dividing tendency. The need to experiment with alternative forms. Anything that branches out from a central axis or core. Identifiable with persona or personality, like the Bards who were purveyors of many arts. Drifting from one mindset or group to another. In nature, the separation of species to form diversity thus creating a huge map of possible options. The branches of the tree of life. The calving of countries, place, land, etc. or the races of humankind.

If you are someone that finds this neo-rune to resonate with you on some level and wish to use it in a bindrune or for magical intent, please ask for my permission. I don’t hoard my ideas, but I like the respect, and some worthwhile conversation as well.

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