Nature health

I have been spending a lot of time in the woods, planting trees, hiking, traveling, and exploring. For this kind of lifestyle it seems harder to maintain hygiene, but I decided to myself before these excursions on finding some alternative natural/organic health and body items instead of the cheap quality chemical based, processed materials one can find in convenience shops at any time. My body and health is extremely important, so here are some things to think about if you have a similar personal life

Norse Woods beard oil

Essential oil like Lavender contra the expensive perfume/colognes

Eucalyptus cream for insect repellant, not toxic or alcohol based and won’t wreck your skin

Sandalwood soap, instead of glycerin and animal fat

Beeswax for wounds

Himalayan salt or Sea Salt for bathing and piercings

Sphagnum moss for light body cleansing

Expired henna powder for washing hair/beard

Molasses shisha without the tar/chemicals/nicotine if you like to smoke

You might also consider pine resin for mustache wax, and coconut oil  for skin



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