Fly Agaric (Amanita Muscaria)

It was my third time trying the Fly Agaric (Amanita Muscaria), as I started with only 3 small caps and went up to 5. I have a DSCF8744special affinity with mushrooms and enjoy finding new species and then identifying them if I can on my own study.
The Fly Agaric is native in Europe (mostly Lapland and northern Scandinavia) where it is taken by the Sami people for shamanic use. It is an ancient sacramental entheogen and also postulated as a main ingredient of the Soma, drank by the bards of the Vedic texts for immortality. It is one of the oldest organic substances used by man.  I went for a hike near my lodge and took them there. Nothing extraordinary happened, but after a couple hours I had the sensation of very acute inner consciousness, my functions and thoughts felt natural and I started viewed everything special. A certain love was present, love for myself, and a comfort that I had not experienced in my normal state. The muscimol must have had a freeing effect on the tensions from days past. The scent of the caps, a burnt orange color was aromatic and earthy, with a subtle char taste, especially when baked at 85F for a half an hour. I have read on Erowid that you can do this with fresh caps and collect the drops of liquid that fall off the mushrooms onto wax paper and then drip it back over them to make it more potent. The skin and the gills contain the most muscimol, but it is truly savored as a whole. I will increase my intake to 7 caps next time for a more potent effect. Hopefully I can obtain some Syrian Rue and Ephedra to make Soma.

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