Murky and Light Aspects 6 months

The following is a documentation of my progress with the light, neutral and murky aspects of my being. Involving the lik, praxis, interaction and the psychosocial complex. From roughly 6 months of being an apprentice in the Galdragildi, here is original list followed by my personal growth in each aspect.

Myrk: Attention, Inclusion, Worship, Galdr

I have been keeping with at least one session of gildwork per day, sometimes in the daybreak, midday, and evening or night using a Dagaz structure of worship, involving meditation, physical runes, written, vocal, and using bindrunes/staves for magical intent. As well as practicing Galdr in many natural environments and intoning the full futhark on a near daily basis. Both of these aspects can then be considered incipit. To be godmouth and spread the word of the Galdragildi has also taken priority with at least one prospect who is kindled in the Asatru and Svartiskoli ways. When others have asked, I have spoken as well on troth, Asatru, and kindreds. The prospect of initiating a new member is likely, or having a chapter of the Galdragildi in England. This would make inclusion a bright aspect. I find the same relative amount of attention needed which in with the living tradition. Wisdom and acts are done personally and when shared are usually noticed by the same few. This would be bright or neutral then, as some things are still in the background and my work evolves when deed gives for deed.

Bright: industriousness, empathetic, open-hearted, inquisitive, inspired, trans-personal, sensual/sexual, calm, loving, open minded, troth, virility, preservation, troth, sustainability, affectionate, disciplined, consciousness

With the farm work, gardening, and homesteading that has occupied my time, it has been easy to maintain a very industrious ethic. My sensuality and sexuality has been tampered with, not being very often around women of my type. This aspect is neutral. I remain with full empathy, affectionate and open-hearted to friends. Many have helped me along the way when there was great need, or offered a place to stay, food, money, or conversation. This may be one of the brightest aspects as I engage into deeper and more frequent relationships, especially with those distant from me. My inspiration has spurred me to make a few Taufr, gifts, and carvings, with plans for more elaborate pieces as part of the gild-work. Trans-personality becomes less a priority as Isa is strengthened and further refine my routine, so this would be a murky or neutral aspect. I can still awake the other traits but do not want to disperse my foci of attention too thin. The troth is becoming second nature and instilled in my consciousness, both of them reflect each other. Odian awareness and living for the Gods and Godesses of the North solely, has made far advancements in the way I perceive and grow. Memory and mind evolves twofold. The discipline level could potentially have more of an outward nature but remains strong. I have nourished  my own virility in earnest whenever possible. The need for constant change and the pure desire to be. This is still a bright aspect. It is important for me to see new places and create surreal and profound moments. I am maintaining a progressional growth and reputation as a vitki.

Neutral: patience, artistic, cosmic understanding, ritual/routine, reverence, health aware, Odhinic resemblance

My artistic side remains neutral, the fire burns the same for visual or physical arts. Gild routine  is an everyday occurrence and of highest priority to me, but ritual has not yet been on the forefront. Our kindred and praxis is the brightest reflection of my persona. Ritual still needs a stronger element and is thus neutral. I see this to change now after the equinox ceremony and heightened ability for ginn-magic and outlets for this medium. I have a high reverence for anything put before me that is created by other gild members or friends. This always remains bright. The reverence is of truth, beauty, and wholeness. It is stronger in some people and weaker in others. Health awareness is neutral as I am tramping from one place to another, staying with other people and have not had the constant responsibility to always cook for myself. However what I consume and knowledge of the food or where it came from is more important now. I honor the Allfather and his consort for any meals prepared. The Odhinnic resemblance is becoming more pronounced with oathing, verse recitation and altering my personal behavior according to the 9 noble virtues, but up against the profundity and mystery of Odin, I think this aspect is still in transit, or neutral as I cross the gorges of Asatru resonance. Some things I am learning for this, are the kennings of Odin, his various masks, power, and history of the Ase gods.

I continue on my path of groa, like the steady Ygg touching all levels of being and and becoming.


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