At some point in his journey, the hero must stand aloft in his eagle mind, sit with the all of what he or she is, reflect on the monolith of work he or she has reaped by hand and heart, and find a place in that towering mountain of being to plant down some serious roots. After he has wandered alone as a feral human, engaged to the road, living by his own vocation, and found what he or she loves, then they must surrender to this utmost monition of existence. He has lived through austerity, trial, deed, and duress, and reckoned their wiles with a lion hearted courage, and this has all gone to fuel the auric wolf inside him. He/she has gone alone, not because of choice, but because of necessity, to find the company of one’s own self, so he can be right when in the presence of others. But the hero or the nagual knows the ephemeral nature of all stages of life, and is ready to embrace change.

My personal :runa: wheel has near come full circle, and on the tail of a far traveled escapade, and the cusp of a homeland return, I ready myself for new beginnings. To be with the familiar, to restore, rest, and recycle the spirit through the tarotic soul of different cards. Lessons learned from deepest inner mull, for the retrieval of a meme to bring me into my personal place of power. A plan is grafted from an old stock, a charge towards stability in one’s own space, a strengthening of old nomadic routes, and revival of place from where I have been in times before. I need a home to belong to, where there is no compromise to the host, no loss of spirit, and the routine is determined by love not responsibility. This time, I see a companion, but more than an ally, a life shared. A finding of family, and a merging of oath, a physical alchemy of two becoming one in the most sacred of ways, a marriage and mantra of ONE LIFE lived together in happiness.

Continuing to follow the path of the medicine, drawing closer to the power plants of tradition, especially those of the nootropic, psycho-active types. Using this medium as the catalytic stronghold where I lay claim to my identity. Seeking their spirits and alchemy for guidance, decisions, balance with the natural world, healing, and spiritually transcendent experiences with all Life. & branding a bond further with the Runes of my memory. The ways of yore, passed down and passed down more. I see the plant and the stave as two heldfast totems firmly dug into this gypsy lifestyle.

Then, the embrace of planet and othal inheritance, seeking land, to build tribe, to start humbly with nothing, and use the collective skill of two enlightened beings, growing, raising, and making a true HOME, a place of one’s own, a base of activity for relationship bound to honor. Farming the energy of one single place, a cosmological investment . To then again leave and explore the world and distant power points of the planet. Coalescing culture with open hearts, learning what is to be taught there, and bringing back only what is needed, to the place that we know best.

So I am ending one phase and gracefully and gratefully moving into the next, allowing for instinct to set the pace, reinforcing relationships that may have been left by the wayside, localizing, and focalizing the song of a unity, while I ready for the organic transformation of this man coming of age.

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