I’m Doing this so You don’t Have to.

Actually there may be a dose of divine/mythic synchronization here involved in this lifestyle, but I thought I would speak on the realities one must surrender themselves to, in order to go the way of the gypsy. A confused, and ugly spirited mexican man recently told me “you’re homeless, you’re a bum, that’s all there is”… I looked him in the eyes and said “How can a man be homeless on earth?” He had just finished ego tripping on me, and ranting about how I was reflecting what he observed as a ‘higher way’ somehow in a negative fashion, stuck in the conflagration of a personal turmoil in which he could not hold his tranquility. He seemed offended by my calm and cohere answers to his belligerent feedback, and took offense to any remote action of altruism because of the apparent espousal of superiority he believed it to represent. Here I am, this one little guy, just being what I know how to be, and responsible only for myself, I am the only individual able to judge myself in right or wrong, and I have people constantly on my back trying to push off their own guilt, judgement, and shadows on me.

“I am doing this so you don’t have to”. My message to this world, is bringing peace, love, and coherence to society, and as long as I view traveling as a means to experience the cultures, spaces and places of the world, this will always be my play. In the words of Ram Dass “One must cultivate the presence of the witness”, of he who is not self-direct, but in tune with his or her own role and purpose of this world. From this perspective, I can understand, sympathize, and anticipate the antagonism, fear, rivalry, awe, love and fellowship this meandering vision takes form as. Not everyone wants to live in these polar opposites of emotion 24/7, and engage themselves with the totality of a nomadic lifestyle while keeping it together enough to still be useful in a more overarching sense of total existence. And not everyone can. I am not saying this is a elitist point of view, but simply seeing it AS IT IS, and SO BE IT. I do this so you don’t have to. In the way that one may risk their life for the benefit of their country, but this is not required for the whole.

The dharma of this work is a messenger, it is easily recognizable as an archetypal role, filled, and fulfilled by those called to take it up over the dawn of our time. Harsh opposition is met with by persons who think outside their mind, and cruelty is directed at him who corrects the lies. Those I can think of, that inspire and lead me in some form or manner might be the likes of outlaws, prophets, yogis, working men, wanderers, healers, philosophers, or a free loving hippie out on the road beside me, and I do believe there is a current of electricity that runs through these otherkin that unites them in their direction and actions in the world. You can make up your own mind on this one. These are not really new in essence, but fitting within a mosiac of personas that one can inhabit in this incarnation, BUT only if they are meant to. So, in saying “I am doing this so you don’t have to” I am only acknowledging a place of finding. No one can live without the expectation of complete acceptance or complete repulsion, but one can live with the truth that both of these will impress upon you. Not everyone likes a gypsy or a nomad, they see it as a threat to their secure reality. I have been thrown out of people’s houses for nothing more eschewing of a more domesticated demeanor or failing to serve them on hand and foot at all times. I have wandered without cause or attachment, in places unknown, in the dark so to speak, completely penniless and unable to speak the tongue of the men and women who lived there and left not as stranger, but as friend. In this reality, you can sleep in a cave, or a mansion and take both as the natural flow. The ‘negative’ always turns it’s circle and reaps the ‘positive’ the more one is susceptible and trusts in their way. I have worked my salt and earned my reputation of those who Know, who actually have metaphorically walked in my boots. he who has been a good Indian to his fellow men. And I ask people only if I were to make one demand that they actually slip into this reality, and experience it for oneself before espousing their own rhetoric of how they claim it to be.

Show them Wotan, and a fire will be lit in their hearts…


4 thoughts on “I’m Doing this so You don’t Have to.

  1. People who don’t know their power will often find conflict with those who have found theirs.

    When we can’t fill our perceived hollowness, sometimes the next best thing is to get others to feel the same way we do. The illusion is beleiving power is something beyond ourselves, and outside of ourselves, never realizing our own center of power, our own Heartpath. And so because we except the lie that power is something beyond us, and when we get tired and jaded, thinking it can’t be had because of years of desperately looking eveywhere but within, then the least we can do is to try and force people to share our illusion of futility. This is the sickness, and yes, it is sad. Broken people, who want to break others as some last ditch effort to affirm their illusion of futility. “At least”, they think, “if others share my misery then mayb I won’t feel so alone”.

  2. … And I am happy you are quoting Ram Dass!

    And as to your work/path, thank you for staying True to yourself, when others don’t know how. Yes, that is a powerful gift and service, even to this man who spoke to you. He didn’t know he couldn’t speak to your Truth because he wasn’t speaking from his. You did him more honor and good than he knew he was worthy of. When we honor our own Truths, we always do great honor those we engage, even when they are incapable of seeing it.

    When we have nothing to hide, there are no weaknesses to attack.

  3. As long as eye realize my own))) personal power, eye desire to attain and bring peace with all sisters and brothers Especially those out there in Egypt in our Rainbow family, being present for peace. Heckenwolf, Wassail! for always seeing this one in the eye. This is our great mission, fellow beings, we must love in order to :live. evolve:


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